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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What's the value of a woman, her looks, her character?

Having a big booty does not equate to wife material. I can guarantee you that our marriage rates would probably be switched with our single rates. Being healthy and fit is one thing but being deduced to just the physical appearance is NOT the epitome of a quality Black woman. Quality Black men know this. If that's all we have to offer, then would it not be considered fair game when that's all we get used for? Where are our graceful character traits? Where's our constancy to the masculine principle? We also get too caught up in trying to be strong and we don't understand that it's our delicacy that can actually boost our men's masculinity and our femininity.
Besides the external, bring some internal value and nourishment to the table or you're not worthy to sit down. Instead go fix yourself before you hurt someone, including yourself. Because we have certainly hurt us and our families by going against nature, our men, and by being intractable.
 Black Women Against Feminism

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Nubian Queen.

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