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Saturday, November 7, 2015

What happens when women are given a chance to express their true feeling about feminism?

Women reveal why they are NOT feminists on secrets app...
citing 'gross hairy armpits' and 'bad hygiene' as reasons

Frustrated women took to secret-sharing app Whisper
Anonymous users slammed women's right movement calling it 'extremist'
One confession said the equality act makes people feel 'ashamed'

Many women from around the world have aired their frustration on the subject of equality on secret-sharing app Whisper.
Thanks to the anonymous nature of the site, many females felt confident enough to reveal their true feelings on the sisterhood act.
Without censorship, frank confessions varied from people slamming what they believe to be feminists' hygiene habits and compared their views to extremism.

One outraged user cited 'man hating' and 'gross hairy armpits' as reasons for not supporting the cause: 'I'm not a feminist because I don't believe in man hating and having gross hairy armpits and bad hygiene. I believe we should be respected no matter what gender. Without both we all wouldn't be here.'

Many women touched on the fact that they didn't feel comfortable calling themselves a feminist as they enjoy living off their partner's money, being treated 'like a lady' and aspiring to play the role of a stereotypical housewife. 
'I'm not a feminist because I would be perfectly content not working and living off a rich spouse's money, as bad as that sounds,' one user wrote.

Another opinionated contributor added: 'I'm not a feminist. I've never felt oppressed as a woman, on the contrary I've gotten many perks for being female. I DON'T want to be treated like a man, but like a lady.'

Agreeing with fellow participants, a woman replied: 'I'm not a feminist, I plan on getting married being a virgin, I will cook and clean for my husband, and I am a Christian. If you really have a problem with that then hey just don't talk to me.'

'I don't like "feminism" because it makes people see women in an ugly light, besides feminists think I'm stupid because I would love the traditional role of mother/wife,' another added.

Whisper is an online community that allows anonymous users to share and comment on each other's secrets, allowing individuals to air their emotions without any fear of retribution.

Many women focused on the rift between male and females they believe feminism can cause.

'The truth is I totally support gender equality but I would never call myself a feminist because they are way too extremist and I don't want to be associated with the actions of most feminists,' said one user.

Another who is in favour of 'gender equality', added: 'I hate feminism as it hurts gender equality by constantly highlighting the differences between men and women.'

'I no longer label myself as a feminist just because of the radical feminists that completely destroyed the word's true meaning,' said another.

One vocal woman went as far to call the equal rights drive 'gross', saying: 'Feminism is gross. Mainly because most feminists are huge assholes to men. Not all men are monsters. I refuse to be a feminist. I am an equalist!'

Some Whisper users said they don't believe in the feminist movement because they see the sexes as 'already equal' or they have more important things to worry about.

'I'm not a feminist because I think women and men are already equal and I can't say this to people because they think I hate women. I love women I just don't think anyone deserves special treatment,' said one.

Another added, 'I'm a girl and I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about the fact that I'm not a feminist. I just don't exactly worry about women's rights right now. I have bigger things to worry about...'

While some women are keen for men to be gentlemanly towards them saying, 'I'm a girl, yet I hate feminism. I think demanding equality and yet still expecting chivalry is wrong. You can have one or the other.'

Others just want everyone to be treated the same, saying, 'I don't consider myself a feminist but I wish more men would treat me like a human and not a stereotype.'

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This shows the value women put on themselves, and most of it goes towards self respect. Knowing that without one, the other does not exist. We are perfectly capable of handling our lives without having a word or an organization like feminism as a third party in between, which puts at risk our relationships. According to feminism, we can handle been women without them?
As women we know there are bad men out there, and the other way around, but unlike man-hating feminists, we also know that most men are not bad. And if we as women, don't fight back the feminist notion and message that all men are bad, then where does that put us.
As a black woman, we have all seen the bad in our society, but we have also seen the good, and that is most men try hard to provide, protect, love, cherish, and unlike those who want all women to hate men, including the sons we raise, we do not have the same philosophy as them. We know the difference between bad and good, something they can't do because of a lifetime of hatred.
They want us to treat men, talk to them, reason with them as if we are the same as men, we're not, the way to talk to a man is to make sure you discuss things with him as a woman, as the opposite of what he is, we do better showing him our feminine side than to compete with him on a masculine level.
Femininity is not a weakness like the feminists want you to believe, it is a strength.

As we can see above, To men and women, feminism has become the dark side of relationships, friends or otherwise, so use it at your own risks.

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Nubian Queen.


Anonymous said...

And yet they all got together to elect a feminist(maybe radical) Prime Minister. I think most women are feminist and are against the stigma attached, not the feminism itself.

Nubian Queen said...

Actually,women do not consider themselves feminists as a whole, latest polls puts those who tagged themselves as such in the 20%,if not lower.As for the recent elections,we've yet to see if the feminism issue was real,from what I understand of liberal elections is,they say one thing during and do something else after.After all,they have less women in position of power than the conservatives did.
Feminism,(radical or not)was not a big issue,since the polls where not exactly favorable to any party until the end,and since liberals got under 40% of those who voted,not exactly a resounding victory for feminism.It had more to do with mistakes (like the Ford brothers issue) and popularity.

BlackWolf said...

Good point, NB.