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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well Duuuh! Campus Anti-Rape Activists Whine About Guys Not Willing To Have Sex With Them

The kicker about this whole thing? These hosebags STILL complain that it’s the guys’ fault.
The chicks in this article are the absolute most whiny, selfish, entitled hags on the planet (considering Hillary Clinton exists, that’s saying something). The article talks about the OH SO TERRIBLE prospect of being an anti-rape activist on a college campus and how difficult it is for these women to get a guy to have sex with them.
Sheesh – I could have told them that!
For complete article see link. 

Soooo… it’s okay for a woman to give or deny consent, but if a guy does it, suddenly HE’S in the wrong? Girl, gets your freaking views straight! Or get used to long, lonely nights with just your social justice cause to snuggle up to.
I’m not a guy (there’s a shocker), but if I was and I constantly had to hear from these naggy bimbos that every man they have met or ever will meet are just rapists waiting for their opportunity to force themselves onto unsuspecting women, I wouldn’t take too kindly to that. I wouldn’t want to stand next to them at a bus stop, much less date them or (*shudder*) hook up with one of them. If these feminists feel the need to preface every encounter they have with guys with “Hey, I spend my days telling the world that I that all men are dangerous predators” – um, yeah. I can DEFINITELY see why they have a hard time getting any action. Odds are, these guys are scared they’re going to be the victims of the next Rolling Stone fake rape hit-piece and their lives will be completely ruined. Nothing destroys the sexytimes mood like the potential for a lawsuit and national public shaming in the media.

Sh*t, there are really dumb broads on this planet...

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