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Thursday, November 12, 2015

"The Red Pill" documentary; the movie about men that feminists didn’t want you to see.

A feminist filmmaker has re-ignited the gender war by daring to make a controversial movie about the Men Right’s Movement.
As part of her research for The Red Pill, American film maker Cassie Jaye spent hundreds of hours with the internet’s most notorious Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) over a two-and-a-half year period. For balance, she also interviewed some of  their fiercest critics – such as Katherine Spillar, Executive Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation.
Jaye began the process as a feminist, but she ended up not only sympathizing with the MRAs, but fundamentally questioning the “aggressive” ethos of modern feminism.
For her efforts, she says she has been smeared, threatened with “career suicide” and even saw her funding dry up – to the point where the movie was unlikely to see the light of day.
But then something incredible happened: via a Kickstarter fund, a “global army” of 2,732 free speech advocates (of both genders), raised a staggering $211,260, ensuring the movie’s cinematic release.

“I didn’t realize it would get so much resistance,” says Jaye. “But we can now afford an Oscar qualifying screening. This forces a great amount of very prestigious people to watch it.
“I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people high up in the film industry who not only support it, but even wanted to make it, but they felt it would be career suicide.
“Making this was the most life-changing experience of my life. It completely changed how I see men, from my relationship with my boyfriend to my father figures. It will open doors for understanding how men work.
“Above all, Red Pill is not about attacking women: it is about supporting men. And that can only be a good thing”.

The main reason TNC exist is because of all the false accusations and the vicious attacks lanark county Ontario social programs, schools, and it does include some feminist in the legal system, with their seat of power coming from the local women's shelter in Carleton Place Ontario, controlled by radical feminists, made against us and the abuse against not only men, fathers husbands, but against women and children. 
We found out that been a father, was a position in this county that brought you emotional pain and disrespect. The open hate for males in this area was made apparent when we decided to look deeper into this practice. And we can't blame them only, but also their manginas in the areas political scene.

From; "All men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" to "during sporting events and Christmas time, men buy beer and beat their loved ones", and so many other sexist statements coming from the staff at the local women's shelter, also strangely enough supported by local businesses and media, made us realize, the constant attacks by local feminists was not a one time affair, but well entrenched into the feminist psyche across this area.
We also found that their desire to promote their personal feeling towards men did not stop at attacking only one gender. 
We interviewed local women, mothers, wives, and we where told that the local shelter was basically a nightmare for some and very abusive to others. (That's why we are seriously thinking about doing a documentary of our own)
From been forced to listen to anti male propaganda, promoting false accusations, and if one did not totally agree with their philosophy they where pushed aside, to trying to indoctrinate children through their programs; one mother admitted to us that she had to pull her kids out of said program because one of them told her they where saying; "women who live with men abuse their kids".
We have a written essay about how a worker from the local welfare office told a young girl to claim abuse against her mother, since the parent did not want to sign her on to get assistance because she was "underage". Another told us they convinced her to also claim abuse when her father also refused to sign to put her on welfare, since she was also underage.
As you can see, though the effort is basically against fathers, husbands, men, this is not their only target.

The video above is only a trailer, will the finish product be what it advertises, only time will tell, but we do know this, there is a corrupt policy of hate towards men well entrenched in the west, especially here in Canada and the U.S., that is undeniable. From family courts to locals, been a male in this society has become a bad thing, which is ironic if one thinks about it, since, if males decide they have had enough of this, the freedom of these people ceases to exists. Without men, there are no female cops, soldiers, politicians, social programs, free enterprises, freedom of speech, so on...whether they like it or not, willing to admit or not, if not men to put their lives on the line in this f*cked up world to defend and die for their rights to spew out such crap, then who?
This doesn't make us better, for one without the other, we just don't exist, but it does show that without balance, respect for each others importance in life, we have this kind of crap that destroys families and even been abusive towards our kids, it makes this society unsustainable. 

MRA, MRM, does not exist because men want to put women back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, doing dishes all day, since we also have daughters, though the way they (feminists and their manginas) talk, they are all the Immaculate conception, we want the best of who they are meant to be, who they wish to be, but not at the expense of others.
There is abuse by both gender towards each other, it does exist, but not on the scale they describe, most of us want only the best for each other, but we are under attack by such corrupt people, that we are starting to give up on each other. Marriage, the strength of a nation is something most of us are afraid of and keep away from. Families with both parents is on the decline, so is the viability of the west since we are having less and less kids. 
Whether they like it or not, feminism and their manginas have become a dark cloud hanging over the head of all of us. They are hateful, a cult of negativity and a big social problem.
As we said, though their main target is men, beware if your a woman who doesn't believe "all men are rapists", then you are in their sight also.
Their only argument left is all MRA and MRM, including pro-family sites are anti-women, but when some decide to look at the reality, they all of a sudden find out, men die first, higher rates of suicides, problems with education for young boys, work place fatalities, and their claim that we are all "privileged" fall on the wayside.
Again, this site and so many others do not exist because we decided to get up one morning and say, "hey I think I am going to set up a web site and bitch about feminism", it exist because of what "they" did, what "they" say and what "they" represent, a clear and present danger to our families, our kids, our society, and yes, even our freedoms.

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