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Friday, November 13, 2015

Rex Murphy: promoter of big pharmacy...anyone against "his" friends, selfish and silly, among other thing.

CBC, rex murphy, this is why I never listen to the cbc, and most canadians don't either. That's why they have to be funded by liberals. After all it is their own private little network...you can add ctv with that remark.

That said...
murphy, so it's selfish and silly to question if there is a correlation between vaccination and autism? No one is against vaccinations, you big pharma promoter, it's the amount, or all in one that people are saying could be dangerous...please, stop the propaganda, goebells would be proud of the way you push it. Do your homework before you speak...The Amish kids don't get autism, and they don't vaccinate...There are many other examples of kids who did not get vaccinated, or where given a smaller amount of vaccines, "by their own doctors" instead of all at once and they show less autism than those who have been fully vaccinated. When I see idiots who believe in their own minds they are important like murphy, actually, does anyone listens to this dumbass anymore? Why the hell is someone's uninformed personal opinion make it on tv anyway, are we that dumb to take the word of fools instead of doing the research ourselves...

I have 2 grandchildren who are autistic, they weren't born that way, but developed it "after" getting vaccinated. It might not affect all kids, but it does affect more and more as we go... Take note, there is no autism gene or autism in my family previous to this.

TNC only offers an opinion, research and then make up you own mind, never take the word of the main stream media or it's pharma pushers like the cbc and murphy as if it's the truth...kids depend on us, parents and family. Not the state and it's media.
Questioning is always a good thing in a vibrant democracy, taking the personal opinion of a commentator on tv diminishes such a democracy.

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