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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices

Turkey backstabbed Russia by downing the Russian warplane and acted as accomplices of the terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
This incident stands out against the usual fight against terrorism. Our troops are fighting heroically against terrorists, risking their lives. But the loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,” Putin said.
Putin said the plane was hit by a Turkish warplane as it was traveling at an altitude of 6000 meters about a kilometer from the Turkish border. It was hit by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish F-16 jet. The crash site is four kilometers from the border. The plane posed no threat to Turkish national security, he stressed.
Putin said the plane was targeting terrorist targets in the Latakia province of Syria, many of whom came from Russia.
Russia has for a long time been aware of oil going from Syria under the control of terrorists to Turkey, Putin said. The money finances terrorist groups.
IS has big money, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, from selling oil. In addition they are protected by the military of an entire nation. One can understand why they are acting so boldly and blatantly. Why they kill people in such atrocious ways. Why they commit terrorist acts across the world, including in the heart of Europe,” the Russian leader said.
The downing of the Russian warplane happened despite Russia signing an agreement with the US to prevent such incidents in Syria, Putin stressed. Turkey claims to be part of the US-led coalition fighting against IS in Syria, he added.
The incident will have grave consequences for Russia’s relations with Turkey, Putin warned.
We have always treated Turkey as not only a close neighbor, but also as a friendly nation,” he said. “I don’t know who has an interest in what happened today, but we certainly don’t.”
The fact that Turkey did not try to contact Russia in the wake of the incident and rushed to call a NATO meeting instead is worrisome, Putin said. It appears that Turkey want NATO to serve the interests of IS, he added.
Putin said Russia respects the regional interests of other nations, but warned the atrocity committed by Turkey would not go without an answer.
Putin was speaking at a meeting with King of Jordan Abdullah II in Sochi, who expressed his condolences to the Russian leader over the loss of a Russian pilot in Tuesday’s incident, as well as the deaths of Russians in the Islamic State bombing of a passenger plane in Egypt.
The two leaders discussed the anti-terrorist effort in Syria and Iraq and the diplomatic effort to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict.
Earlier a Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey claimed that the plane violated Turkish airspace and did not respond to warnings. Ankara said it was rightfully acting to defend its sovereignty.
Russia insists that the plane stayed in the Syrian airspace.
One of the two pilots of the downed Russian warplane was reported killed by a rebel group as he was parachuting down on the ground after ejecting from the plane. The fate of the second pilot remains unknown.
First of all, international politics is really hard to figure out. With all the propaganda coming from respective medias and mouth-pieces for governments, you can be assured that they say what they want you to believe.
So, you basically have to take the time to research yourself at all respective media, especially online, if you believe only one side, then that's your first mistake and are falling deep into their propaganda message.
War, conflict, is not what it use to be, where some king, queen, or pretent democratic government would say and point to others and claim, "they are the bad people, they eat kittens" and you would have to believe it because the only info would come from those who want war.
Now we have the web, where "we" can decide for ourselves who is the bad guy and who is not.
That simple act, along with yelling out "what the f*ck do you idiots think your doing" could prevent a third world war, and unless you've been hiding under your couch, you know perfectly well, no one can win it this time. 
As for Turkey and it's explanation in the downing of the Russian aircraft, that was bullshit propaganda is I ever seen one. The very ideas that a Su-24 bomber would challenge a F-16, ten frigging times is ridiculous. Even if it did strayed into Turkish airspace, it certainly would not stay around if it saw an F-16 on it's radar. A bomber is no match for a fighter. 
So the Su-24 had to have been on the Syrian side of the border, but with it's on-board computers and radar facilities on the ground we will know soon enough.

That said, ISIS, AL-Nusra, Al Qaida and all the dozens of organizations in that part of the world are supported by local powers. This is not a clash of civilization as the media and company are telling us, it's a religious one. Shias against Sunnis, Turkey, the Saudis, the Gulf state, (sunnis) and to some degree Israel, against Iran, Syria, Hezbolla, so on (shia).
Isis, with their main supporters, the saudis, and others who are against the shia dominated Syrian government are sunnis, there is no free Syrian army, even if there is, they are as radicals as the rest of them, and have no chance in hell to take the government, they would be wiped out by the more stronger so called terrorist organizations. And if Assad falls, we will have another failed nation like Libya and Iraq and an unending second civil war. 
The other thing is, if we do destroy ISIS, where will the fighters go, probably Libya or even Saudi Arabia. Either way, it will not just go away.

Back to Turkey, the reason, in my opinion, they shot down the Russian plane is because they are supporting the Turkmen tribes on their borders, Syrian government forces are making advances and Turkey gambled that this would make the Russian back off for a while. 
This was no mistake, it was a well organized decision to buy some time for their allies in the Syrian civil war.
And let's not forget the cheap oil they are getting from that area.

Anyway, we could go on and on, the point is, we in the west have to be very careful, we don't want a repeat of ww1, where a few spoiled inbreed kings of Europe, all of them related, had a family spat and wasted the lives of 10 million people.
If we, as a people, do not start to take control of our own destiny, and leave it to others, what does that make us? Sheep's following the Wolf in it's cave so we can feel safe?
When will things change, when will we stop following those who are supposed to serve us, the only thing they have in common with us is.....(      ). Thats right, nothing.

It no longer matters who started this, blair, bush, the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, we can't undue what is already done.
There is a simple solution...
Let the Russian and the Syrian government and it's allies, push their enemies east, into Iraq, where nato and it's armies along with the Iraqi forces will be waiting for them, that way they will be surrounded and will not be able to go anywhere but dead or unconditional surrender. Capture as many as we can, put them in camps, re-educate them, time will take the fight out of them. Do the same thing in the Sinai and Libya. If some still want to fight, then, let them die the death they want, in battle. So they can get their 17 virgins.
In the meantime, warn those who continue on financially supporting terrorism, we will no longer buy their oil. See how long their corrupt government lasts.
This will help Canada economically, the missing oil from the gulf state will have to be replaced. 
Let's stop pussy footing around, let's roll up our sleeves and clean up this frigging mess.. 
Otherwise, this will go on for another 20 years. Including situations like Paris.

As sour as it is for us, we have to admit, that part of the world, for now, is best served with a strongman-dictator at the helm, democracy and imposing our western values on a foreign people does not work.

I think what scares me the most is that one inevitable mistake they will make, push too far, thinking it's up to them without even considering what the ramifications will be.
What I find creepy is the prophecy of revelation, in the bible, never been a big supporter of conspiracy theories, especially religious ones, I am more of a spiritual person, but isn't Armageddon supposed to happen in that area of the world, where all the armies on Earth will gather for one last war?
Even the Hopis have that one.

Just a thought, but whose world is this anyway, ours or the "chosen few" who believe God gave them the right to rule over us, when they can't even rule themselves?

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