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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Propaganda, the MSM and the West. Trump, Duffy trail, medias obvious bias against center right political parties.

The left-wing liars at CNN have intentionally edited the video to make it look as though Trump said “absolutely” to a Muslim registry. What CNN edited out is in bold:
Reporter: Should there be a database system that tracks Muslims who are in this country?
Trump: There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it. But right now we need to have a border, we have to have strength, we have to have a wall, and we cannot let what’s happening to this country happen any longer.
Reporter: Is that something your White House would like to implement?
Donald Trump: I would certainly implement that. Absolutely.
Trump’s “absolutely” is clearly in reference to strengthening the border. Look at the whole transcript. When the NBC News reporter asks, “Is that something your White House would like to implement?,” Trump has just talked about fortifying the border and obviously believes that is what the NBC reporter is referring to.
CNN edited that out!
It is time for Reince Priebus and the Republican Party to stand up these left-wing hit squads disguising themselves as journalists.
CNN should not be allowed within a country mile of a GOP debate.
How many more warning signs does the Republican Party need to realize that this is a suicide mission?
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That ladies and gentlemen is called propaganda...the most dangerous aspect to bring down a free society since it's done by the media, supposedly the bastion of freedom...
This is why I don't watch CNN

We've just been through selective preference of one party over another by Our media here, during the recent election, CBC, CTV and others. 
CBC Peter Mansbridge Secret relationship with top Trudeau Liberals

Canadian media at it's best?

We had the sun news network, but it had to fold due to the crtc refusing to put it on basic cable, meaning it was a PPV. Sh*t, in Canada you get opra's own station for free but an opposing view outside the msm, no frigin way?

When you have this type of preferential treatment for one political party by the MSM, how is this democracy, and why is TV station like the CBC been propped up financially by taxpayers?
Isn't this "guiding" the electorate a certain way, just like Goebeels did or the Soviets?
The failure of a democracy begins when it's media take sides, this is not supposed to happen in a healthy freedom loving nation, but it does. Didn't use to be like that, well not this openly anyway.
Now you know why the MSM is so adamant in it's effort to downplay internet news, when you research a certain news story on the web, you by-pass their capacity to guide you the way they believe you should think. Their beliefs in their self importance is just incredible, they think we can be turned into sheoples with them at the head of the pack.

TNC does not take sides, but exposes...corruption.

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