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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Never judge all men for the action of a few. Most men are good.

Well said...

One of the problem we have in relationships is when we listen to those who have none at all, or so messed up they have no idea what it is supposed to be.
Everyone has their own place, different than the other, that's why nature gave us, males and females, if one tries to imitate the other, you loose the character of the relationship.
Most men need to protect, provide, it is in them, this can't be changed, and when a woman does not understand the nature of a man, she will never know the real joys of love and respect.
We have to many who degrade all men for the action of a few, what would they know of true relationships when they forget who they are and try to take the place of the opposite sex.
Recognizing men for who they are, instead of what we want them to be is the first step towards mutual respect.
We have our place,  they have theirs, we don't want them to change us, we should not try to change them.

Have a nice week, see you next week end.
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Nubian Queen.

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