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Thursday, November 5, 2015

In a world gone mad....Satanists Show Up To Protest High School Prayer, wars, diseases...The imbalance of a society...

Let me see if I can get this right, they protest Christian prayers by doing satanist ones???
Did you noticed lately, that immoral groups like satanists are the ones whose values are been embraced over the ones our Elders thought us...and you think all is going to be OK?

Let's continue on whats happening throughout the world...just for the f*ck of it, since those who hold power always tell us,:ALL IS WELL".

Stoltenberg Calls NATO Exercises in Southern Europe a ‘Warning’ to Russia
This guy is a nut.
Russia does not have the military might to take on NATO, and would be suicide if they did. The idea they would attack any member is..idiotic. They have enough problems of their own.

Russian Nuclear Units On The Move, Non-Essential Civilians Told To Leave, Putin’s Ready To Nuke ISIS!!

U.S. moving nuclear warheads into Germany to target Russia

Russia Deploying Tactical Nuclear Arms in Crimea

China warns US it could spark war with 'provocative acts' in South China Sea 

South China Sea: Beijing 'not frightened to fight a war' after US move

ISIS force children to watch as executioners behead and crucify two men

Muslims Force Woman To Watch Her Nine Year Old Daughter Getting Raped To Death 

Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

Sex offenders including pedophiles should be allowed to adopt

Scientist Believes the Human Microchip is coming.
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name".My guess is this will include health care, salaries, pensions...so on.
What if this isn't about some tattoo, but a microchip under the skin, since anything computerized is basically...a number....
(No not preaching, just pointing out)

Then we have the increase in diseases, Ebola, h1n1, SARS, Avian Influenza, Swine flue, AIDS, just to name a few...increase murders, child abuse, sexual abuse on kids, elder abuse, division and fall of the family, disrespect of all kind, even self respect is out the window. I mean, you get the ugliest of ol'hags aka;feminists, who lure young girls to call themselves "sluts", something those idiots would never do. We do know what "slut" means don't we? The word just doesn't attache itself to those who call themselves or walk around as such, but it attaches itself to women, since these fools claim to represent all of them. One of the reason  "slut walks" don't work is because most men are repulsed by the word, or it's an easy lay, one throws away when he's done(sorry for been brutally honest). Either way, since we have mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, we surely don't want that word associated with them. A slut mean someone who doesn't have respect for herself, will f*ck anyone, disloyal and self absorbed, definitly not someone you want a relationship with or to raise your kids.

You know whats disturbing about all this, the idea that all this is nothing new and it's because of the information age that we hear more and more about it...bullshit...This "explanation" is the best way for "them" to minimize these problems as if it's nothing to worry about.
As long as we buy our cell phones which we do not need every 6 months, and not to forget the xbox to keep our kids out of our way, after both parents come back from work, producing more income and taxes for the corrupt, letting strangers at some government funded daycare raise them, then complain that they do not listen to us, or have the same values, throwing our Elders in some home, forgotten, usually abused.
This isn't left or right politics, this is immorality sneaking into our lives and people simply sitting back and saying, "it does not concern us".

We could put link after links, hundreds, about wars (and everything else in between), and talk of wars as if in our day and age, it can be won...and all will be well after.
We seem to have lost our capability to know right from wrong, and simply put our lives and the next generation into the hands of a few people we bow to as our better or demi-gods. Where we always like that? Has it always been that easy to manipulate people away from their beliefs and aspirations. Are we that stupid to accept satanism, immorality, even what we know to be wrong in our midst, knowing full well, their way is contrary to natural laws?

Shit,  they even kill babies and call it a right for one group while forgetting another. As adults our primary reason for existence is to protect children, not collecting the next generation of Iphones every 6 months.
Take the time to look it up, the birth rate in the west is so low, that our society is unsustainable, were not making this up, why do you think the west is so tied up into bringing so many immigrants lately, the elitist know that their work force is diminishing.
The problems we are experiencing are because of a lack of balance, sure we want all to have rights, but with limits, sexual orientation must have a line where we all say, it can't be passed, pedophilia been one of them. Since pedophiles are now claiming that they deserve the same rights as the gay community, they (gays) are the ones who should yell out loud "no f*cking way, it's not the same thing". What's next, bestiality? Actually, believe it or not, some university and academics even defended that one.

The problem when you have a society like ours, where balance is no longer an issue, we have those who do not want to work, fight, or even die to protect it, and when that happens, such a society is going towards a lost civilization and another takes it's place.

A just society, respects men, for they are the ultimate protectors of freedoms, with this you have women who can be whatever they want to be, children living in harmony and safety, Elderly respected for their wisdom.
That is the true balance in the circle of life, all have their respected places, all are important, we seem to have lost that perspective to the very few who "impose" their views as if we have no choice, I strongly suggest to those people that they look up what happened throughout history when that is pushed upon the majority. .

Time to get involved, not for ourselves but for our kids...If they don't have role models based on balance and moral values, if their innocence only experience the negatives, they will look for a way out.

TNC does not condemn anyone, we only want to point out that the negatives, when they become overwhelming, is like a snowball on top of a hill, it will get too big eventually, and impossible to stop...just be aware of your surroundings and see who is watching you.
You are after all, the most important role model of a child's life, is not the stranger in schools or daycare or governments, they have their own agendas.

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