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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Immorality, greed, corruption, spiritual darkness and especially lack of balance, etc...is this the path to extinction of the species?

From solar systems, to galaxies, to clusters of galaxies, to universe and even a possibility of a multiple universe, the grandeur of all this is just too great to explain scientifically.
Even if you do subscribe to the big bang, which is only a theory by the way, that means it cannot be proven right or wrong, where does that come from, what was before. Things like that just doesn't pop out of nowhere. Was it evolution or Creation?
That said, all the moral laws that got humanity to this point are slowly been eradicated, there is even some places who are now letting satanists have a public platform.
It is said, the best gift evil has, is to make you believe it does not exist...
If we compare the past to today, we see a correlation between the fall of nations and empires with what is going on in the west.
Corruption, decadence, greed, immorality, all go hand in hand. Yes it's even in some of the churches, but religion is not what I am trying to defend, their history is as corrupt as any political organization and it was always another form of political control, invented by the elitist.
I'm talking about spirituality, the one thing that helps us differentiate between good and bad, wrong and right. With the effort to rid society of this, by the left especially, we have increase, divorces, sexual relationships instead of emotional ones, increase suicides, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, we even let these same corrupt greedy immoral people take over parental responsibilities and let them raise our kids, knowing full well what they are teaching them will cause them problems in the long run.
Is it that easy to control people's thoughts and moral beliefs? If it is, then we do not deserve to continues as a species, when we forgo our responsibilities to raise our kids, the next generation towards a responsible future, we forfeit our rights to exist.
We are told to work as parents, they made it so bad, that both have to leave the home and let the corrupt raise our children in some government controlled day care, at the very time kids are susceptible to...suggestions.
The sexuality of boys and girls are been reverse against natural laws, and when you do this, you invite chaos, because you are going against evolution itself.
Is this satanic laws been implemented into our lives, into our families, into the society the previous generation left us? The opposite of morality is immorality, opposite of right is wrong, therefore the opposite of moral spirituality has to be evil.

Have we lost the fight, should we just give in, is this more fun than having a control over our dark side, should we let the elitist have more and more, while we have less and less?
So far, we seen throughout history this type of behavior before and it never ended well for those who brought this crap upon a people. We are seeing the beginnings of a revolt by people, killings are getting more numerous, even the police are starting to feel the change, people with no respect for others. And if I may, police officers are in the forefront as representative of the government, if they fail to show restrain and respect for people, this will advance the hatred people now have for the ruling elite. It is imperative for the good ones to make their mark and speak up, (the last example Officer Jeremy Henwood, in this video is particularly sad) or show they are there to protect people against any disruption in the safety of society, even against their own, the code of silence in these case makes things worse for them.
Lately we only see the bad instead of the good, which gave rise to "black lives matter".
What do we want? Dead cops, when do we want it, Now!"
Think about the stupidity of that statement for one minute, what if they get what they want, then what, who will protect them against themselves, killings never stops at one group, it moves to the next, we can see this with the mess the world is in right now.

If there was any good example of the satanic laws taking root in the world, we just have to see the result of what immoral behavior can brings and what it nurtures.
Satanic laws is basically brought on by a lack of morality, life and nature has to have a balance, when we lack that balance, we have greed, corruption, even sexual perversion, this in turn results in resentment, hate and eventual violence, it is...inevitable.
For all that is good, it will always compete with evil, but evil always targets the innocent first, shames those into silence who do not follow, when this is successful, we see the beginning of the end of one civilization and the rise of another. 
I am not comparing satanic laws to some character with a pitch fork, satanic laws can only take root by good people doing nothing, it is the behavior of people that brings about the fall of society, the lack of responsibility towards what we know is needed for a secure future, and that is to treat kids, the next generation as kids, not little adults, does anyone actually believe that children are interested in sex at such an early age, or is it that there is a secret policy brought on by the darkness of some to change the world according to what would bring them more power and more financial greed.
The laws of nature dictate that adults must protect the young, they are after all the reason we exist and the security for the continuance of the species, when we loose that sight, when we treat them as nothing more than a political tool for advancement, or an obstruction to be shoved aside as if it's a possession, do we deserve to even exist? When we forfeit our spiritual responsibilities toward the most innocent, and praise evil while doing it, isn't that a path to eventually surrendering to satanic laws against the natural one? And what do we sacrifice in the process?

Look at the world right now, ISIS, BOKO HARAM, AL NUSRA, AL QAIDA, are just an example of what can come about by changing natural laws, there are hundreds of groups in the darkness waiting to pounce on the innocent. The true enemy of those groups is me and you, those of us who believe in the freedom of all, but with balance, that has always been our battle, to make sure, the innocence of children is kept out of the war between good and evil.

Do I believe satanic laws are here, embedded permanently into our lives, no not yet, it's just a warning, immoral behavior, is on the other hand the path to it. Dark forces are always around us, waiting, and when we least expect it, when we let our guard down, it will pounce. And that is when it's just to damn late.
If we do not balance life around us, if we do not respect the basic principle of nature, if we do not recognize the importance and the reason why man and woman are so different and that differences is balance, then we have lost and another will take our place. Let me make this totally clear, one cannot survive without the other, both enhances the other and create strength that is unbeatable, one should never control the other, that would forgo the others gift to the world.

Someone once said, "democracy is on the march", and like him of not, it was a good idea, but it also brought on a darkness we haven't seen since 1933, and it cost the lives of 50 million people to put an end to it. Now, unless your head is in the sand, or in your xbox, cell phone, safe and tucked in the comfort of your home, "darkness is on the march", and they are coming, the only way to stop it, is to offer one simple thing...balance.
And that is what I mean by satanic laws, if we are not vigilant, take what is rightfully ours as people, if  we do not fight for what we know is right, we will find ourselves outnumbered eventually and the cost will be enormous.
This might be humanities last battle, it's last war, the final battle between good and evil, but be aware, if we let it go to far, we will not survive as a species, because this time we have the capability to destroy the planet, which by the way was given to us by the Creator.
Unless of course you believe we use to live in a tree eating bananas, then that is another story.

TNC does not preach religion, but promotes the balance of spiritual behavior and beliefs. And especially the importance of the individuals place in the circle of life. One person can make a difference.

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