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Saturday, November 14, 2015

If we listen to feminists, cooking for your man and family is oppressive.

WE have to carry on the traditions and recipes. Our family's need us to give that nourishment from healthy meals that fast-foods just can not do. We can't have our Providers out here just eating anything..

Don't let these feminists fool you into thinking that something that we have been doing since the beginning of time and even forced to do for other families for centuries, is now oppressive to do for our own families.
Cooking for your man and your family is not oppressive, it's giving a damn about there health.
-Virtuous woman Black Women Against Feminism

When we listen to others on how to care for our families and our men, we forget what we were thought by those who came before us, and adapt ourselves to a lifestyle that is not our own.
African American families have suffered enough under the rules of others. It is the realm of a woman to keep the family together and healthy, just like it's the place of a man to provide and protect. If these simple rules nature gave us is not followed, everything falls apart and we end up single or with  multiple relationships. Taking care of your man, making him feel strong is not slavery, it returned with the same respect you deserve and have a right to.
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