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Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to Let Men Be Tarzan and You Be Jane. Knowing the difference.

 The inevitable consequence of the sexual revolution and the 2nd wave of  feminizm [we're currently in the 3rd wave mind you] meant that women were told to be independent. The absurdity is that this independent movement, meant that lesser women did not understand the lesson at all, and thought it meant to be independent of men. But, then turned around and didn't understand that that meant being single too. And, they wonder why.

A lot of women today in their 30s and 40s take on the aspects of men, not the aspects of women. Being the boss, around men, means that men will treat you like another man, not like a potential spouse. It is a very glaring fact.

If you open your own doors, pay your own way and drive yourself to a date, then you are a business partner, not a lady. That is the perception.

You might as well wear pants and smoke cigars around him, and slap him on the back when he tells jokes, just be one of the guys. The fact that you have boobs matters little when you come across more like a trucker than a dainty dame.

 Why it is So Hard to Let Go
The real problem is that most women, in the yuppie years, cannot be told that they are acting like the man. The very thing that makes them bossy, also clouds their vision when someone tells them that they are acting bossy.

Understandably, the set of skills it takes to get into middle management are the very same behaviors that render them single, being bossy. The real problem is the complete inability to recognize this.

The perfect woman would be a boss at work, and as soon as she set foot across her threshold, she would turn into a dainty dame that cooked her husband dinner and curled up next to him on the couch and fall asleep in his arms.

Lesser women cannot do this. Due to the American educational system, the media, the babying of the country, most people, men and women, only think in terms of A or B, this or that, black or white, 1 or 2. As adults, we are kept in an infant state of thinking, and cannot understand of our capability to be complex individuals with multiple sides and adjust to different people in different situations.

We have terribly juvenile sayings like, "you cannot be all things, to all people."

That saying is conditioning the person that tries to adhere to it, to mean, you should be hot or cold only. Such a person who listens to that advice could never conceive of being hot, cold, warm or even more incredibly, FUZZY. I mean, what exactly does fuzzy have to do with that list? And, that's exactly my point. In a world of hot or cold people, black or white people, type A or type B people, a person that comes along that is "fuzzy" would be looked at as if they were a complete alien. But, get this, to other fuzzy people, he or she, would be perfect.

You Jane, Me Tarzan
So how do you let men be Tarzan and you be Jane? It is easy. Be a lady around men.

Sure at work, you can be as bossy as ever. At work, you can tell your employees when to jump and how high, and if they don't do it, be as snippy as you want. It might not win you friends at work, but what do you care. [ I am being sarcastic if you did not understand. Don't be a jerk at work. ]

But, on a blind date, be a lady. And, for those that do not know what a lady is, as apparently it is complete lost on this generation, I have a list for you.

How to Be a Lady
Read the rest here.
Women are finding that being bossy and picky at work is bleeding over into their personal lives and are ending up alone for life. Change from being a bossy, picky, snide woman into being a lady. A lady is far more apt to get asked to be married.

I would venture to say, that being a lady at work will get you ahead far more than being one of the guys too. Men have an almost instinctive reaction to women that act like ladies, i.e. doing things for them without thinking. I would think it would be very hard not to be promoted as a well organized lady at work, compared to being a bossy snot. Sure, you both get the job done, but you, as a lady, get it done while everyone around you enjoys your company.
You can't loose a good man just because you didn't give him sex.
Men respects a woman more, 
shows self-esteem, 
promotes loyalty,
gives a lasting marriage,
when you keep your legs closed.
Sex is not the whole of a relationship,
it's only part of it, remember this, remind him.
And you'll keep the good man.
Is it that bad to be the Jane to his Tarzan? Feminists will tell you, you are letting him control you, or your been exploited. If you want to believe this, so be it, but take a minute to see if their relationship is what they really want, or what you really need. They are usually alone or have a man who walks around as if he has a vagina for a backbone. Personally, I rather have Tarzan.
Don't let others make the choices for you, do what makes you happy, but remember your self respect, it will give you what you desire.
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Nubian Queen.


BlackWolf said...

Make sense, relationships are not supposed to be about competing, but enjoying each others gender differences.Had me one where she didn't know what femininity meant, always trying to compete, one of the reason it never worked. I wanted to come home to Jane, but came home at night to a woman who didn't know a kiss, a hug, a kind word on how I was doing good for the family would have gone a long way. Also, One of the things that I find so stupid are those who want a life partner, it's not a business arrangement, it's a relationship, and they ask why there alone.

Nubian Queen said...

I have a friend who treated her man as a life partner,told her it was a mistake,men are different,didnt listen,now she's going through a divorce and recently told me I was right all along.To little to late.Next time,if there is one she'll be better prepared.