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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Family, parents and children.

Family is the right of every human being,
We are born into it,
We grow together,
We learn from each other,
We achieve goals,
We make our own,
We teach our young,
And eventually
We fade surrounded by those we love.
Family is the entity that keeps our feet on the ground and our morality intact, our unity is our strength.
It’s the circle that guides us into the future and keeps us from faltering into darkness.
Nations rise or fall according to how the family is treated and respected, without it, there is chaos.

In the family, Women feed and nurtures, Men provide and protects. With each others respect they create and embellish the world around us, they are the example children need to follow the road to prosperity and balance. In turn they pass it on to their children.
This is how one lives forever, what you have learn, what you have passed on is continuing, your thoughts, your identity and your beliefs travels throughout the ages.

Without Mom and Dad, all this is impossible. Trust yourself and your importance to the future of those who come after. Put your faith in the few whose only goal is the destruction of your identity and you fail your family.
Be the role model children so desperately need.
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Nubian Queen

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