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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exposing the idiocy of what's left of feminism...their latest target... HAPPY GIRLS.

The British clothing line Next was forced to remove their “Happy Girls Are The Prettiest” shirts after whiny feminists argued that the phrase alienates people dealing with mental health issues and therefore suggests that girls who aren’t happy aren’t pretty.

The well-known phrase is part of a longer quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn.

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

But UK feminists aren’t having that. Like, why is everyone associating happiness with attractiveness? That’s just plain offensive! Prettiness shouldn’t be associated with happiness EVER. You can be grumpy and pretty too!
I have to admit, I got tired of criticizing those ol'hags who suffer from penis envy, it's always, men this, men that, men bad, all men rapist, boys born potential rapists, stay at home moms are slaves to men and traitors, girls should not wear pink, then, force boys to wear pink on anti bully day, so on. That is targeting one group, mainly boys. See the pattern...

But then I realize, if we leave them alone like we did years ago, before we, men, women, families started to fight back and expose, one at a time, who and what they are, by pointing out what they really do, and say about us, they would pretty well destroy everything we hold dear.
Erin Lee

Relationships, Marriage, Family, Having kids, Getting old together, getting a dog instead of a cat, (lol), would, if we let them, be part of the past, and into history books. Never mind that if one looks at history, when that happens, a society inevitably falls and falls hard.
But that's not the first and only reason we should continue on exposing idiots, (aka;ol'spinsters feminists), the main reason is the damage they do, by trying to use kids in order to advance the hate they have for their own live and passing it on to the rest.

Their gender neutral utopia will never exist, we all know that deep down, well except the lowly mangina who looks for acceptance of his inferiority by siding with the ol'spinster. Nature on this planet is healthier when the sexes take their rightful place, all life is dictated by this simple rule.
We all have an equal place in it...not one has the right to take away a persons identity, when that happens, we have confusion, and when it comes to kids, it increase suicidal tendencies, because they have no idea where they belong thanks to the lowly feminist and her mangina.

Remember when someone got this negative all the time, what we would tell them, `Jezz, get laid, you might not be so angry`, well you look at these people and you can see why they are always upset about one thing or another, I mean come on, would you bring any of them to meet mom and dad, of course not, you would be afraid they would criticize them.(Yes I am been sarcastic)

The point is, when they target kids, when they don`t let girls be pretty and boys be active without recommending they take Ritalin, they pass on a unhealthy lifestyle contrary to natural law, and when parents and families adopt such destructive reasoning, they are as responsible for whats going on with kids today as much as ol`spinster are.

We know what the problem is in this society and maybe even the world, the breakdown of the family, brought on by ol`hags and their manginas and in order to reset our surrounding to where it belongs we have to rid ourselves of such hatred. 

Finally, this world is ours, if we let, those with an inferiority complex and hate, dictate how we should behave, then we deserve the world we have now, if we want to make things better, we have to have faith in ourselves, in our decisions and most importantly, we have to stop taking what they say as if they make sense, you know they don`t. 

Family is the strength of a nation, not the words of a micro minority who suffer from an inferiority complex against one sex or another. Family and their union, ensures, freedom, it is the main tool against greed, corruption and hate, families teach this to their kids and is passed down to theirs, things do not change over night and never will, that is the problem today, they want things....NOW.
It take time and patience to grow a child into an adult, and the only one who can do it, is mom, dad, Elders and all those who are in the circle of reality, leave the dirt out of it and your kids will do fine and will honor you when they are older, let someone who has never stepped a foot in your house tell you how to behave and you have already failed yourself but most importantly....your kids.


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