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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Catholic schools" tell young girls "it's ok to send nude pictures".

KINGSTON, Ontario, October 23, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Catholic school in Kingston, Ontario, hosted an anti-Catholic abortion activist earlier this week for a “Healthy Relationships/Sexuality Retreat,” in which she told senior students that it is acceptable for a girl to send a naked photo of herself to a boyfriend as long as there is “consent.” The presentation was mandatory for all grade 10 students, and one father says the school gave them no details about the event in advance.

Activist Julie Lalonde, 30, not only sits on the board of Canada’s leading abortion lobby organization, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, but in 2012 she helped found the anti-Catholic group The Radical Handmaids with the goal of combatting a pro-life motion introduced in the House of Commons at that time. During demonstrations, the activists dress in mockery of Catholic nuns, wearing the cornette, the trademark ‘butterfly’ headpiece formerly worn by St. Vincent de Paul’s Daughters of Charity in Montreal.

A Catholic father, whose daughter attended Lalonde’s presentation at Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School in Kingston on Monday, was shocked that what he called a “radical anti-Catholic feminist” would be given a platform at a Catholic school.

“I feel sick about the whole thing, that this is the message our children are receiving at a Catholic high school. It's a message that says there is no right or wrong, there’s no moral standards.”
I sent my daughter to catholic school here in Perth Ontario, St-John's catholic school, worse mistake of my life, their sense of morality was lower than public school. Actually it was the local public school that helped me put her back on track after the catholic school under some idiot vice principal named deanne strong fostered a rebellious behavior against the parent.  And I wasn't the only one, many parents thinking their kids would be more behaved where shocked to see the change in their kids after only one year there.
Catholic schools in north America are getting worse every year, parents expect moral grounds to be thought to their kids only to realize that this is not the case, so why are we financing them with our tax dollars?
Telling young girls it OK to send naked photos of themselves is ridiculous and could cause suicides if that picture makes it on the web and odds are that it will, but do feminists care about that and your kids, not one bit, it's all about indoctrinating your child to their immoral lifestyle and making the western world into a decadent failing society...
How do they do this? Simple, these are our kids and most parents are more interested in personal gain, or letting others raise their kids instead of speaking up as a group, to make sure children have a good future. Morality is one of the greatest value we can install into our kids minds, it helps them to deal with what is out there as they get older.
Telling them it's OK to send nude pictures, don't worry if you get pregnant, have an abortion, which by the way is more destructive to a young woman mentally and physically, than been abstinent, is definitely not the way to go if we want a secure nation and future...and our kids are that security.
But that's me...

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