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Friday, November 27, 2015

Canadian government has their priorities f*cked up don't they.

Government announces $2.65B to help developing countries fight climate change
This will not help anything since china, brazil, india and many other countries are more interested in creating a better economy for their population and India didn't even show up.
Canadian tax dollar in the sum of almost $13m. in support for the Vietnam Cooperative Enterprise Development project that will help reduce poverty and contribute to equitable economic growth in Vietnam.

In the meantime in Canada...
 Northern housing.
 Price of food
Elders looking for food in a dump...

Many other more present needs in our own society...
Elderly having to choose between food or medicine, 
children going to school hungry, 
housing, on and on and on...
But isn't it great that other countries will now see that we are so nice as to help them, before our own.
We now have a government whose priority is getting a pat on the back by other nations and the U.N. instead of looking around where they live.
How many affordable housing could we build with the almost 3 billion dollars the "liberal" government is giving away???

I now believe, and no one can convince me otherwise, that the west is so corrupt, so out of touch with reality that it's fall is inevitable.
Open anti family policies,
Social programs luring the young out of their homes and against parents
Demonization of traditional families,
Children's aid targeting single parents for financial gains,
Anti-male and anti stay-at-home-mom rhetoric from feminists and their manginas,
Ignoring the needs of the elderly and the poor,
Unending wars, 
Corruption,  Greed, 
Voting for people because of how they look or who they are, instead of policies.
And most importantly, the elitist promising one thing during an election and doing another once in power.
How many voted for pretty boy because he promised an infrastructure program, increasing the deficit, to put people back to work, and are now realizing, he didn't mean here in Canada?

The only time we should help others is when we have a surplus, and if we do put ourselves in more dept, it should only be done to help our own, not some communist government in Vietnam.

Just realized Canada is adding 100 million for middle east refugees, that's almost a billion all together, counting the previous governments donation to the unhcr.
Why is this important?
List of Arabs by net worth
List of Arab League countries by GDP
It's not as if they are poor....

Keep in mind the gulf states do not accept refugees and some are even financing terrorist organizations...

 But hey, why should they help their own when they know we will....


Anonymous said...

Yep.....Everything is f'd right up.


BlackWolf said...

I would say so.