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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are you ready? Cause sh*t is about to hit the fan...Putin plans BRUTAL Revenge On ISIS For Downing Russian Jet

ISIS is probably regretting claiming responsibility for downing a Russian plane after they heard the plans that Putin has for them. I guess they thought they could get away with whatever they wanted since they seem to be able to do it in the good ol’USA.

By now you’ve probably heard that a Russian airliner crashed in the Middle East, killing all 224 passengers on board. ISIS claimed responsibility, saying they actually shot the plane down. Too bad for them, the epic revenge Russian President Vladimir Putin has in mind is a peace making wet dream – and it’s been a long time coming.

As Mad World News previously reported, a Russian Airbus A321 was flying from Egypt to Russia, but they never quite made it as they crashed just 20 minutes after taking off. Unfortunately, all passengers on board — 192 adults, 25 children, and 7 crew members — were killed.

    It didn’t take long for ISIS affiliates in the area to claim responsibility and post a video of themselves purportedly shooting down the jet. With officials claiming that the terrorist organization lacked the capability to shoot down a plane from that height, they listed mechanical failure as the suspected cause for the crash.

    Unfortunately, it seems that may not exactly be the case. Recent reports indicate that Metrojet has officially ruled out both technical failure and pilot error as potential causes for the wreck. “We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor,” said Metrojet’s Deputy Director for Aviation, Alexander A. Smirnov.

    Pointing even more so toward ISIS being responsible, he went on to say that the crash could have been caused by “an external impact on the plane.” Though he didn’t say what, it doesn’t take much to connect the dots that the terrorist organization could have shot the airliner down. Unfortunately for ISIS, they didn’t know how bad they screwed up by messing with Putin’s people.

    According to the latest claims, it seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to enact quite the devastating revenge, and it’s been a long time coming. “Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region,” Live Leak reports. Yes, you read that right – Putin wants to nuke ISIS.

Thank God that someone wants to freaking do something with ISIS. It’s been a long time coming and I know that I personally would love to pop open a bottle of wine and watch ISIS get annihilated. You rock, Putin!
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 And what did the new elected ballerina of Canada do? Pulled out...

Whether the story is accurate or not, one things for sure, President Putin is not going to sit back and negotiate...and if they did shoot it down at that height, who gave them such a sophisticated weapon??? I'll give you 3 guesses, the first 2 don't count.

The other thing that I found interesting is, you look at the comments of these stories and you see people have more respect for the President of Russia than they have for their own "leaders".
Tells you something about the west doesn't it? Decadence, immorality, corruption.....who the f*ck would want to defend that crap.

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