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Saturday, November 28, 2015

African American womanhood, It's strengths and weaknesses.

We have to be smarter about who we choose to give ourselves to and who we start our families with. We can't complain about no good men if that's who we keep picking. Wise women learn from their mistakes, ignorant ones keep making them. This needs to be taught early on because I recall even teenage girls starting off wrong and saying guys are dogs or repeating the spiteful rhetoric that they learned from their bitter moms. That's a HARMFUL CYCLE to be passing down to our daughters. We SHOULD be teaching them accountability.
If a woman never attracts a quality man then she might want to reflect...could be that SHE is not qualified. A healthy woman will attract healthy men and sometimes "other" kind as well, but we make the choice of who we want to be with. So have standards and choose sensibly.
-Virtuous woman

We as women have listened to the wrong advice for far to long, it has given us single motherhood or the wrong kind of man. We have passed this negative way of life to our daughters and the cycle continues.
When we deny our own personal beliefs in ourselves and adopt others, when we think that behaving or pronouncing ourselves as sluts, we do prove a point, and that is, we can't think for ourselves.
If we decide to show our own character and behave morally, the right kind of man will follow and it will be easier to spot the wrong ones.
Feminism has long passed it's usefulness, now it has become nothing more than a promoter of alternate lifestyle in order to pass on their misgivings in their own lives.
A woman who shows class will get class, one who behaves like a slut, will get what she advertises for and in the meantime daughters will be watching.
We have always had the power to make our own choices, want to follow feminists, then follow someone else lifestyle, want to be respected, follow your own. And be aware who is watching.
It's easy to figure out, look at the feminists and their lives, and ask yourself if this is what you want, or if it will make you happy, if it does, so be it, doesn't seem to make them any joyful though, since they seem to always be angry for some reason or another.

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