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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Women judge h. clinton to be too...Condescending.

I have to agree with these ladies, the idea that "I'm a woman I deserve it" is not a reason to be President of the United States.
And in my opinion she can't win because of it, she will push away to many men and the ladies around them, the moms of sons especially.
"All men bad, unequal to men" and every feminist bullshit talking points no longer works, unless one is a feminist and a mangina, then again there is not enough of these idiots to elect a dog catcher.
Like the ladies said, "I never felt unequal to men"...Boom baby!...
Love those girls...

"Cnn love fest for clinton debate", it was one heck of a joke compared to what cnn did with the republican one, we clearly saw who they are in bed with...
As for clinton's  First woman president, First woman president, First woman president,! throughout the so called debate....Hey hillary, it's about policies not anatomy.
 When she was asked the difference between her and Obama, her answer was about the different parts they have...lol.

I still think she will never be President, unless the republican self implode, which they seem to be doing in the house, but we still have a year to go.
As for her constant war on women and it's time for a woman and men all bad, these words are seen as too negative, include her really lack of reasoning with the emails, that red button, and Libya, just to name a few, and what you have here is a head scratched....
clinton as president???

One woman whom I think is a potential good candidate for future President is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D, Hawaii...She is not liked by the radical left of the democratic party and since they are on the way out, Gabbard and the new breed like her have a good future if they take the party back to the center.
(So you see, TNC is not against women in power, we are just against those who use their anatomy to attain power they don't deserve. )

And no I don't think c. Fiorina is a good candidate either, one just has to look at her time in buiness...Yikes.

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