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Monday, October 26, 2015

With a child's touch, sculpture seeks to comfort post abortive women who suffer from pain and regret.

Five years ago a young Slovakian artist set out to create a statue that would offer hope and healing to post-abortive women suffering from pain and regret – and the project would touch hearts around the world.
The statue portrays a suffering mother in imitation stone. She is grieving with her face buried in her hands. She is approached by her aborted baby, depicted in a young child’s transparent form. The child reaches up to touch the woman’s head in a tender gesture of forgiveness and healing.
Sculptor Martin Hudacek, the statue’s creator, has seen its impact.
“Many people said ‘wow, it is me.’ They were crying, so many people said that sculpture touched their heart,” he told CNA.
Hudacek created the sculpture, named “Memorial for Unborn Children,” while still a student. He hopes the piece will help to heal men and women suffering after an abortion.
The monument, located in Slovakia, has been praised for its depiction of the pain, sorrow and regret felt by women who have had abortions.
I find it amazing feminists and their manginas will cry out against violence but only if it benefits them financially, yet refuse to help or support women who suffer from pain and regret after having had an abortion. And don't even say one word or support a statue that shows forgiveness.
They will promote abortions without been honest to women about what comes after, medically and emotionally.
Today's feminism and it's organizations are a group that has to be clean away from our world, it has become a pain to all of us who hold life sacred. Evil has many faces, and it is not some person in a red costume, evil thrive when good people say nothing about what they know to be wrong.
A society is judged on how they treat their children, not only that but a nations survival depends on it's kids. 
Abortions in the long run will destroy nations.

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