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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where all the good men at you may ask? Look in ther mirror.

This video is hilarious. This brother right here is addressing the question he got from a lot of women, asking him, "are there any good men left in the world".
Is answer is right on and funny as hell.

Remember girls, the way you advertise to a man, will bring you exactly what you deserve.
Men think differently than we do, if you can't realize this and you follow the advice of poor ol'dried up man hating fools who will never have or ever had a good man, don't ask why thing are not working well in your relationships.
Posted by
Nubian Queen.


Nakeesha said...

This is a really good site,glad you told me about it girl.Gonna pass it on.

Nubian Queen said...

Thanks girl,but im only here on week ends,for now.