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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Truth; The new hate speech.

This is where it begins...

Political Correctness is destroying the very fabric of society. Never before in history have people been so afraid to stand up against absurdity for fear of being labeled a racist, a homophobe, or a bigot.

This is where it ends....

Freedoms depends on those who fight for it and promotes it's importance for a just society, that said, it is also dependent on opposing views been respected.
History show "clearly", when only one side is allowed, without criticism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism flourishes...this is inevitable. These political organizations mentioned, have one thing in common, the old saying "give them a foot, and they will take a mile", we are headed towards that road.
The restrictive laws been passed as of late for security, are against freedoms, if they would have tried that in my youth, they would have had a revolt on their hands, yet today, people are too afraid to loose the comfort of they home, their xbox and cell phones.
That is what materialism does, it pushes people towards one path, without looking where the side roads leads.

Now, there is a reason why there is such a concerted effort to shut down those who have opposing views, especially men, talking about freedoms and promoting them is not enough, they have to be physically protected, and the only ones who can do this are those who are willing to put their lives on the line for others.
The freedom of those we love depends on them, it is not the mangina who gave up his God given responsibility who will put his life on the line for it. He will actually make things worse. His inferiority complex towards real men makes him cower to laws that control those who he is afraid of. He is a tool, just like his feminist masters, used by those who have a nefarious ideal to control people for profits.
The weakness of the mangina's character is the true danger to freedoms.
There will always be the totalitarianists in our midst, our only defense against them is...

You don't like these men?...That's your choice..such is freedom...but remember this..

Without them, and the sacrifice they give for your freedom,

 you wouldn't have this...

and you would have more of this...

We will even defend the rights of those who say this about us....

The point is, defending freedoms is not a one sided road, opinions that are opposite of yours are part of a healthy democracy, if we do not allow those who do not agree with us to have a voice, it will promote dissension, evolve into hate and eventually...violence.
Nowhere in history has those who imposed their will on others ever achieve their goal, it always end...badly. Why fight and die for something you do not agree with? Or are not allow to speak against.

The west with it's control of free speech is getting weaker, all the while those who want us harm are getting stronger, the myth that our technology is better and will always protect us is also a myth, just look up the fall of great empires like Rome.
When they embraced freedoms they where invincible, when they went to totalitarianism, the writing was on the wall and then came the dark ages.
If the west falls under it's own arrogance, who is there to fill in the gap?

Freedoms is not the realm of the few....It belongs to those who understand it and are willing to fight for it...
It is not free, it's cost is eternal vigilance and blood.
The respect for man in the circle of life, gives, women, children and the Elders a chance to be who they want to be, to live in peace and to walk in safety. This does not give man the upper hand over others, on the contrary, it gives and ensure the rights of others.
This is called natural laws, it supersedes all others.

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