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Friday, October 16, 2015

The western world descending into the abyss. PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE.

If this is for real, I will have officially lost hope for humanity, you guys. And what’s frightening is that I genuinely have no idea if this is for real or not. That is how completely f*cked up humanity already is.
What you’re about to see are two women with floating Diva Cups and thong underwear and lipstick all around them, who are doing an aerobics routine with a selfie stick. And they’re calling this selfie stick aerobics. And there are unnecessary and inexplicable camel toe shots.
Is this what taking LSD is like? I’ve never done drugs, but I have to imagine that it’s kinda like this video.
Self respect always take second banana to ....whatever the f*ck that was. 
Feminist aerobics, coming to an exercise store near you?

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