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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The divisions between hubands, wives, family, can be explained with two words---Radical Feminism.

Why choose an irresponsible mate, then complain when he's not responsible. A lady knows when to keep her legs closed and eyes open. Who a woman has sex with, is the most important decisions of her life.

When did we forget the importance of husbands, wives and family?

Strong families make great societies. Nothing wrong with that, right?!

Feminine men are celebrated, but feminine women, stay home mothers and dedicated wives are hated by feminists?

Abusive and feminine men are attracted to masculine women for money and sex, femininity is a filter.

OK American wives... Repeat this several times until it sinks in...

Only a feminine woman, dedicated wife and mother can say that no man has ever left, abused, or cheated on her.

Husbands aren't just for providing. Good husbands are for protecting our innocence, femininity, our hearts!

Women may argue my posts on line, but in person, things are much different. Everywhere I go, women tell me they do want man to lead. They're tired, they NEED husbands & families. I cannot keep enough books with me, ever!
Ro Elori Cutno

The problems were experiencing in this part of the world is simple to figure out, the promotion of gender equality is one, the other is old broads who are so full of hate that their thinking is darken.
Women do not like the idea of a weak man, one who behaves as if he's a woman, and men do not like to compete with a woman who behaves as if she's a man.There is enough competition in the real world for him, he doesn't want to see it at home.
We now have the ability to be who we want to be, but there is still the laws of nature all around us, the balance life has given us is man and woman, different but necessary to provide us with a just existence.
If we don't recognize these differences and accept them, we have what is in front of us today, confusion.
This benefits organizations under the control of radical feminists, whether, planned parenthood or others who thrive financially on divorces and revenge at the expense of families.
Angry at your mate? Get divorce, get welfare, even an abortion, that will teach him.
And who controls these social programs?
You want unity, remember who is the man, and who is the woman, respect each others presence and abilities, recognize things are done differently and you will see that life is not what some old lonely feminist always tries to tell you, you know deep down they are wrong.
You know we are right, so go and try it, see what happens.
Remember, there is as difference between control and co-operation. Don`t ever confuse one with the other, otherwise your relationship will already be over.
My girl Ro knows, you don`t have to accept all we say, but you do have to read and decide what works for you.
Then take the time to look at a feminists life, see how happy she or the men around her are, and ask yourself if you want your life and family to live under those rules.
I see women around me running to feminist organizations when things don`t work out with their man, and it never gets for the better, it always gets worse. I always tell them, you can`t have a positive outcome when you go to negative people for help. If you recognize your inner strength and have faith in it, expose it for those around you to see, you have taken the first step to a just and loving relationship, expect it to work overnight and that will also bring failure.
Men and women must work with each others differences in order to make things work. And this usually takes a lifetime.
He or she is not your partner, he or she is your love and part of your heart, not a business arrangement.

See you next week end, have a Happy week.
Posted by
Nubian Queen.


BlackWolf said...

I'm glad I left you the blog for the week ends, you always make rational sense.

Nubian Queen said...

Thanks. I try.lol