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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Relationship, partnerships and emotional needs between men and women

Feminist hate men, I do believe most women have realized this by now, with that hate they bring their desire, not to make thing better for women, but to destroy any woman who side with men.

They have lost that one thing which gives the rest of us that edge over them, the acceptance that men and women do not have the same way to love each other and to achieve those desired results.
Masculine respect is not feminine respect or feminine love, and vice versa. If any man or woman wants to truly be loved, you need to know what works! And to recognize the differences in order to have the results you want.

No matter what they think, feminists are never given the respect most women have, they are seen as a troublesome group who just  thrive on attention and their achievements are always based on one thing, negativity and division.
Their identifications of a healthy family is to treat it as a business partnership, the person you love is by no means a business partner, it goes well beyond that, it also prevent the couple from evolving their love further and causes divorces.
Partnership has one goal in mind, to produce more materialistic goods, relationships need to evolve in an emotional way, put too much emotions in a business and it will fail, put too much desire for material goods and the relationship fails.

It's easy to show disrespect, humiliation and embarrassment in a partnership, it's usually called cold ambitions, there is the rejection of feelings for what's in front of you, after all, it's just a product that produces profits, that's what greed does. In a relationship which both work hard to nurture, we are more aware that our actions might emotionally hurt the ones we love and we take more awareness of that persons feeling.

Women in general have been tricked to think that men are bad, that ideal is to keep you away from the love men give and to keep the economy fuelled and the tool is feminism.
Greed and profits have no friends, no emotions, they will use anything and everyone to achieve their primary goal, a cold hearted partnership at the expense of ones happiness. Partnerships might give one all the materialistic good they desire, but it will never give you that one thing we all want, emotional love and respect.

Family love never evolves with a partner, the love of a man and a woman goes above and beyond that, and the only way some describe it as such is because they refuse to accept, based of their limitations, the important realisation that men and women have a different way to get what they need from a relationship.
It's when we recognize those differences and act upon them, that we receive what we, as humans need so much, love and respect for our deep emotions.

Therefore, the person in front of you, is not your partner, she is your wife and he is your husband, separate from business and profits, once you divide the two, and work to keep it that way, you will find that your needs as human beings are easier to achieve than putting the whole thing into one neat little package with it's appointments and time limits.
One does not hug, kiss and make love to a partner, those thing are reserved for the one you decided to live with, make a family and evolve into uniting two people with different emotional needs.
Compared to a partner, figuring out what your love needs to be happy is one of the most difficult thing you will ever encounter, it takes time and patience, many mistakes will be made, but the greatest thing is looking at them and instead of giving up, we try something else just to make that person we do love realize that we will do anything and everything to make their lives just as pleasant as we want.
Love between a man and a woman takes a lifetime to achieve, no matter how long your with a person, you find new thing to do, every day, and that is the secret to a fulfilling relationship, working at it, but most importantly keeping business and profits out of it, it's not a partnership, the person in front of you is not your partner, he or she is your love, your heart and your family.

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Nubian Queen.


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