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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Politicians are *&^%$# laughing at us.

Council approves five-figure pay hike and bonus to city manager

 “To run this very large, 15,000-person corporate requires skill sets which are rare in the corporate world and even rarer in the government space,” said Coun. Richard Pootmans. “I think the compensation and bonusing we’ve discussed are entirely fair and reasonable.”
He earned a base salary of $315,000 last year, which now jumps to $326,080.

“What really surprises me and frustrates me is that a councilor would suggest in these dire times we shouldn’t be giving this kind of money,”.
“But that same councilor received a 40 per cent increase and voted in favor of a 40 per cent increase to his own ward budget.”
Hey scumbag...
People are freezing, going hungry, price of food is almost un-affordable for some and you idiots are ripping off the piggy bank?
Sounds like an uprising is needed to put these greedy parasites back in with reality.

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