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Monday, October 5, 2015

‘Normal Barbie’ Just Got A Feminist Makeover, And It’s Gross.

If I ever have a little girl, this is going at the top of the list of things I’ll never buy her. Because ew.
A while back, Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie doll designed to combat the unattainable beauty standards of classic Barbie. Because God knows 5-year-old girls worry about that kind of stuff.
People quickly dubbed the new creation “Normal Barbie.”
The Lammily doll comes designed as a “normal” looking 19-year-old woman, fresh with acne and cellulite and everything! But hold your excitement! “Normal Barbie” now has a new super fun accessory: A Period Party package!
They even have an incredibly low budget looking ad for this super fun accessory and everything!
The Period Party package comes with a pair of panties for the doll, 18 pads and a “period tracking calendar.” Yes. A period tracking calendar. For a doll. Because isn’t that what all little girls want to do with their dolls? Track their non-existent menstrual cycles?
The creators say the Period Party package is teaching mechanism and a “fun way to explain the menstrual cycle to kids.” But of course, that’s not what it’s really about. It’s more of a political statement.

I know that people were happy about the normal looking doll, but I remember being a little girl. I– like many other little girls– wasn’t interested in ugly dolls. I always wanted the most glamorous Barbie out there. If you asked me about “unattainable beauty standards” at that age, you’d get nothing in return. Talking about menstrual cycles at that age would’ve scared me. Why talk about it years before you have to deal with it? Let kids be kids.
Kids are carefree. Why can’t feminists let them enjoy their childhood, free from feminist ick? They have the rest of their lives to “adult.” Let them play with their pretty Barbies with unattainable bodily dimensions and weird feet that don’t bend. They’ll turn out just fine. I promise.
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I think this comment explains it all for us as parents...
"What's next . . . A Barbie with real sex organs that are removable in case she comes out as a transsexual? Leave the kids alone and let them play with their dolls."

The stupidity of feminism and their manginas is their use of children to promote their twisted agenda...
Before they went idiotic, kids where perfectly well adapted to the toys they had, because kids are kids and not politically correct, they don't care about equality because as kids they got along without the bullshit. 
Kid just want to be kids, boys want ruff toys, trucks, guns, and such, girls want to most beautiful toys such as a glamorous barbie.
Shit, they are even outlawing the game of tag in some schools now...
If you let your daughter choose between "normal" barbie and "glamorous" barbie, the glamour one will win every time, there is nothing wrong with that, they don't dream of been like her, they just want to play...which is something the idiots of this world seems to have forgotten.

So,. which is more beneficial for your children, parents waiting for the right time to explain about the birds and the bees, or the sex ed and alternative lifestyle the state and schools are promoting against parental wishes?

Well, let's compare...
Back then when parents defended and lived up to their own responsibilities, we had less teen pregnancies, kids where less dependent on the state and had more self respect.

Nowadays, with the advent of feminism and manginism, and some parents giving up their responsibilities to them, we have more teen pregnancies, more welfare and state dependency, less self respect, as in slut walks, (you do know what the word slut means don't you, because the boys surely do), more teen suicide, and less goals.

Nature has it's own rules and it worked fine back then, with the attention of parents and family, things went south when ol'spinsters who suffer from penis envy, hate men and stay at home moms, manginas with an inferiority complex started to change the rules of life itself to promote their self destructive personality disorder, on children.

Let's go back to reality, and let kids be kids, let's watch as parents, let family help out, let's realize kids don't care one bit about politically correctness, let's recognize the idiocy and rampant stupidity of those who use kids for their own political agenda and in some cases hateful behavior and let's understand that kids with the help of parents and family will have a better future if we rid ourselves of those who have screwed up the world around us so much that those who do suffer are...our children.

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