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Friday, October 30, 2015

German journalist; I was trained to lie to people and make propaganda.

The first thing I would say is "tell some of us something we don't already know".
The MSM in the west and yes even here in Canada tries hard to "direct" us to where they want us. We at TNC have pointed this out on many occasions.
We saw that openly on election night when crusty ol'craig oliver went on a rampage against the conservatives and especially S. Harper. 
A true journalist is not supposed to do this, but only report. This showed without a shadow of a doubt, once and for all, that the Canadian media had an agenda and that was to elect the, "smoke pot and all will be well" and according to a feminist web site the "f*ckable" liberal leader.
And since none of the major outlets said anything against such unprofessional behavior on the part of craig, then they where complicit, and that is dangerous.
We see this in the propaganda against Putin and Russia, and even Assad of Syria. No one is Syria was escaping it before the civil war, but they try to convince us it's all his fault the refugees are running to Europe. Then they try to scare the shit out of us comparing Putin to Hitler, come on.
Russia does not have the military might to take on NATO, and would be suicide if they did. The idea they would attack any member is..idiotic.
Yet, they try hard to find a reason to push us to war, and who would suffer? US.
They also (the msm) try very hard to keep you away from the internet to get the truth, well this is why they are so afraid of it, you might find out they are full of shit and promote propaganda.
As you can see above.
The next war will be the last one, after that, there will be no more wars on Earth, why you may ask?
Because we...will be gone.
Our kids, our Elders, Our women, our Aspirations, our Families, our Dreams and our Right to live in peace.
So go ahead, believe the MSM, after all... it's a free world.

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