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Friday, October 30, 2015

Firefighters battle 5th suspected arson at Swedish refugee shelters in 2 weeks

 There were no asylum seekers inside and no one was hurt in the incident, but several firemen told Swedish broadcaster SVT they were positive the fire at the former retirement home was a deliberate attack, linking the fire to a string of suspected arson attacks targeting refugee installations throughout Sweden in the last two weeks.

Swedish authorities say that, in view of the suspected arsonists’ tactics, they are keeping secret the exact plans to welcome new groups of asylum seekers for fear of new attacks. However, so far the locations of some centers are apparently being discovered or leaked, with 14 suspected arson attacks on refugee centers in Sweden since the start of the year.
You know something is wrong when good ol'sweden and it's left wing socialist government can't convince their own people that receiving all these refugees is a good thing.
Doesn't take a genius to figure out that the backlash has started and with Canada's new, "let's smoke pot and be happy" government, hopefully even they will eventually realise the same thing will happen here if they bring in too many middle east refugees, which most of them are young men of fighting age, escaping Isis.
The problem that's hitting countries like Sweden is that these people bring in their own beliefs and with a large number come a large problem. Sweden and other European countries have experienced a mounting problem in assaults on local residents and rapes on their women.
But...there is an answer to all this, get out of Russia's way in Syria, it is obvious people where not escaping Assad before the civil war, so when he and Russia defeats the terrorists, all these people will return, rebuilt their country, have a shit load of work and the refugee problem will subside. Simple.
The west should bite their upper lip and accept that it's better to work with Russia, leave Assad alone "for the moment" and work to fix their hate of him after the civil war is over...
Otherwise, what's happening in Sweden will happen here...

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