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Monday, October 12, 2015

Federal candidate booted by Tories for homosexuality article will still appear on ballot

A popular Sikh pro-life and pro-family federal candidate in Ontario was quickly dropped by the Conservative party earlier this week after an article surfaced from earlier this year in which he said he believes that homosexuals can receive therapy to become attracted to the opposite sex.
Jagdish Grewal, running in the Mississauga-Malton riding, wrote an editorial in the Punjabi Post earlier this year with the title — mistranslated by mainstream media — "Is it wrong to become a straight person from a homosexual?”
In the article, Grewal called sexual actions between two members of the same sex "unnatural behaviour" while saying that children with same-sex attraction should be able to receive reparative therapy if they and their parents desire it.
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair as well as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called for Grewal to be dropped as a candidate. The Conservative Party acted quickly to give Grewal the boot.
"These comments do not reflect the views of the Conservative Party of Canada. We believe that all Canadians — regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation — deserve to be treated with respect and dignity," the Party said in a statement. "Mr. Grewal is no longer an official candidate for the Conservative Party."
But Grewal reacted with dismay, saying that his article, originally in Punjabi, had been mistranslated and that he harbors no ill feelings towards homosexuals.
He says that the headline of his article properly translated. Most media reported the title as, "Is it wrong for a homosexual to become a normal person?"
Grewal in his article was reacting to an Ontario private member’s bill passed in June that made it illegal to provide psychotherapy to minors for either homosexuality or gender dysphoria, and prevents the government funding such therapy under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.
"The political competition of today raises the question of whether any person's wish to become a straight person is wrong?" Grewal wrote in Punjabi at that time. “If it is a parent's right to set guidelines for their children in terms of their education, career and health, then why is it illegal for them to strengthen their natural heterosexuality?”
When asked by CTV News on Wednesday about his opinion on homosexuality, Grewal said:  “I have always and will cherish every human on this earth without any discrimination.”
What's scary about all this is, he didn't say anything hateful about gays, it was an opinion which should be accepted as free speech and an opposing one to the ones that are imposed on us as if we have no choice in the matter...
He has a point where it's a family issue and teens sometimes can be confused, what if they want to go to reparative therapy, what if they are not comfortable, and it bothers them to a point where they might consider suicide? Shouldn't the service be there and isn't it better to have faith in a parents decision than the state or some micro minorities imposition of their idealism?
If they want to be recognized as part of society, they they have to recognize not everyone thinks like them and some opposing view is a healthy one, not only that, but as I said, what if the kid wants therapy, they have to accept it might only be confusion, isn't it better than some kid been so uncomfortable that he or she would think about suicide?...
Or is it, promoting a lifestyle is more important than a child's life?

In this case, the conservative party of Canada jumped the gun by refusing to defend free speech...they didn't have to agree with it, and could have said so, they should have shown faith in Canadians willingness to accept alternative lifestyle along with respect for free speech...what this shows is, there is basically no big difference between the political parties in Canada, it's all about getting power.

TNC does not condemn anyone's choices in lifestyles, but only offers...opposing opinions.

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