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Monday, October 19, 2015

Election day 2015..the plus and the minus.

The plus in all this is, people get to vote, and must realize this is their country, their government and not the elitist who think he or she has the right to be there, but the privilege to serve...
Today's democracies are the remnants of the past dictators who also thought they had the God given right to rule over us, while they couldn't even govern themselves. Back then they had cute little names like kings, queens, dukes, duchess, so on, now these names are best served to be given to your house dog.
Democracy has a long way to go still to be fully representative of the people it serves, when the strong majority have a hard time getting into the process because of those who believe they are the chosen few, will do anything and everything to prevent us from participating outside of a vote every 4 years, then you know we still have a problem.
Yet, like everything else, life evolves so will full democracy.
One of the problems I noticed, especially here in Canada is the media, they do have an agenda, a preference if you will, and with the help of corrupt poll companies, they do try to lure voters towards those whom they believe in. That's why polls of any kind should be outlawed other than the political parties own. In a true democracy, they could do all the polling they want, but must keep it to themselves, this way they could look at their own policies and see what works, which of them the people like and make the needed changes to serve the people with what we want, not what they want.
Political parties and medias are so out of touch, that they actually believe they know what we really want, yet refuse to see the reason why voting is so low is because of this arrogance.

The other problem in our democracy are those who think they have the power to dictate to us how we should think, take ctv's barney fife, AKA, bob fife was on question period and continued on his tirade against Harper, saying everyone in the conservative party wanted him to go before the election and hinting that if they do loose, it's his fault. It's pretty damn obvious that he has a preference, and it's not the conservatives. This is not honest reporting, this went out the door in the Canadian media, including the CBC a long time ago.
When you see any kind of commentator in the media it's always large polling companies like nanos and so called pundits who are paid to represent their opinions or the party they work for. To me that is what I mean by guiding the vote.
Oh they will have the few and far between of people on the street, claiming their opinions are important, but if you look closely, the few they do put on tv are well chosen by the corresponding media to express their own preferences.

Either way, our democracy is failing because of these elitist, who try very hard to control the way we think and especially vote and that folks is not democracy, it's a form of governing by those who think this is their private domain, a members only club, their click, and to be populated by themselves, with the help of one of the most corrupt main stream media we have seen in a long time.

Even the flag of our country is under attack by those who want to guide us a certain way...look at this sh*t...
Poll workers ordered to remove Maple Leaf pins
What next, can't wear any clothing with orange or blue??? That's how stupid it's getting.
Heck, a good chunk of people vote on who they like or don't like, the hell with policies...that is extremely dangerous.

Like I said the plus in all this is our vote, when a really intelligent person comes along and realize we are sick and tired of the elitist, and runs his or her politics on that notion, that person will become very popular, because after all, isn't democracy a populist endeavor?

Look at what's happening south of us, one man decided to take that road and is doings so  well, that other outsiders are trying to imitate him. We have such a person in Canada, our own Trump so to speak, Kevin O'Leary. If he ever decides to run, he would be unstoppable.
A rich investor who doesn't tell us what he thinks we want to hear, but what we must hear...

But, hey, what do I know, I'm one of the majority, the citizen. The person the elitist is afraid of and keeps down to make sure I don't let my revolutionary words mean anything that would threatened their posh position...
I mean how many jobs have you had where you can give yourself a raise at the expense of those you serve.
Noticed, it's becoming dangerous to criticize certain groups,  keeping in mind that in a true democracy, one has the right to oppose with his or her opinions protected under the charter or constitutions.
The lost of freedoms always begins with small steps and if it works, and the masses do nothing, it gets even worse.

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