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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Didn't take long for richards to claim sexism at planned parenthood hearing


I was wondering how long this radical feminist would claim sexism to defend the abomination of planned parenthood. Not even a day.
I watched some of the hearings, they where careful not to go that path and asked viable questions.
No sexism involved, only difference of opinions, lets face it, most people, men and women, are dead set against third trimester abortions, some are against any abortions, and some for it. Everyone has the right to their beliefs, this is not sexism, well it is if your a lowly feminist and a mangina, because that's about the extent of their arguments, try to shame and blame, doesn't work any more, but they do try.
Whether one is for or against, the videos that came out about planned parenthood and their disregard for the lives of the unborn, or babies, is abhorrent and for me anyway...evil.
Not going to get into the discussion about abortion, every one knows my position on it, but this is about the lack of respect for life, or the lack of balance in respect to life. The west is loosing when it comes to new birth, that's why the elitist is now depending on immigration, to provide them with more workers.
Our future depends on our respect for life, it's amazing the lack of understanding some have about the path, organizations like planned parenthood and it's radical feminist's desire to re-organize the value and respect for traditional families at the expense of our future...
Recently in Canada, we have now surpassed new birth with the Elderly, in other words there are now more old people than young...
We better start thinking about what that really means before it's to late....
Unless you have been blind to the worlds division lately, massive immigration is not exactly a long term answer to a peaceful existence.
A stable society depends on new births, sure some immigration is a good things, but to believe we live in a world that sign cumbaya in a circle holding each others hands is out the window.
All of the western countries have lost the viability to a secure future by the reduction of new births.
And who do we have to thanks for all this, the feminist and her mangina, greed, corruption, the  destruction of families, the states meddling in family issues, so on.

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