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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bitter Black feminism.

When Black women get on reality TV degrading Black women and our image...Black feminists are "sleeping"...when Black women upload explicit content of ourselves for the world to see, or volunteer to be the "stars" of disturbing fight videos...not a peep from Black feminists. But when Black women start talking about Wife school and holding their sisters accountable, now there's an outrage...now misleading articles must be written and other Black women and people must be warned about anti-feminists because somehow we're the worst lol. But in the meantime, this is nothing new-just the TYPICAL unaccountable, anti-family antics of Black feminism. These women aren't trying to see Black women happy but are trying to have someone to share their misery with. Most of these feminists are hurt, bitter, and probably need therapy but instead of they would rather try to spread their corruption and blame men.

-Virtuous woman Black Women Against Feminism

Ain't that the truth...
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Nubian Queen

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