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Friday, October 23, 2015

Another f... asteroid to come close to Earth...on Holloween.

NASA: 'Asteroid 2015 TB145 to come INCREDIBLY CLOSE to Earth on Halloween!'
 "An asteroid is expected to pass incredibly close to Earth on Halloween, the closest near-miss since 2006, according to NASA. The asteroid, called 2015 TB145, was just recently discovered by astronomers using the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) telescope on October 10. NASA believes the object measures around 300 to 470 meters (984 to 1,542 feet) in diameter, which could make it as big as the Empire State Building. The asteroid, described as being "extremely eccentric" and "cometary in nature," will come closest to Earth within 1.3 lunar distances (310,000 miles) at around 11:14 a.m. ET | 8:14 a.m. PT on October 31, traveling at 35 kilometers per second (78,000 mph). While the size of the asteroid could be "potentially hazardous," NASA believes it will safely whisk by our planet. After the flyby, the next time an object of this size will come within as close to Earth will be in 2027 when asteroid 1999 AN10 will approach within a 1.0 lunar distance. What is going on? Where do all the asteroids come from lately
Is it me or does it seem that there is an asteroid a month passing by the planet lately?
Are you ready for what might happen, or do you seriously believe the elite is going to look after you?
Were not doomsday promoters but this is getting scary, it's just a matter of time till...and would they tell us if one would hit. Not likely.
Remember a few years ago, they where watching one and another hit in Russia...


Anonymous said...

It isn't unusual for asteroids to come this close to earth. When we look how cratered the moon is and the age of those craters, we can clearly see a few near misses of large asteroids every month isn't at all uncommon for the neighborhood the earth resides in. What has differed is the technology required to detect these near earth asteroids and the interest by the media to report it. That said, we have detected something large disturbing (or more accurately we have detected the disturbance, not the object) the Oort cloud and that is going to kick a lot of comets into the inner solar system. The first wave of them should be coming in within 5 years and this will increase over then next few hundred. Unless we get hit with something over 50km in diameter, I don't think it will have the capacity to extinct us but even a asteroid the size of a small apartment building is going to cause trouble for the common man the world over if it hits.

BlackWolf said...

First of all, those craters on the moon are not recent but millions of years old, some even billions, so we can't take that example for what's happening today...and as I said before, the capacity of detecting them is over rated, when they where watching one, another hit on the other side of the planet, in Russia.
Thech has been able to detect objects for quite a while, but even the scientists admit that they only see 10% of the sky, and still there are more now than before. That said, if there is anyone I would never trust, its the media ever been honest about what they tell us. I don't agree with your opinion that it would take something over 50km to cause an extinction of our civilisation, something smaller would lift up so much debris that most plants would die and then animals, so on...then us. From what I understand the speed of such an object is also a factor...
Thank you for your comment.