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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Who to go to in times of emotional and or family troubles.

Someone close by has gone through what is troubling you,
The answers you seek is withing your reach,
They know how to deal with the hardships of life,
If you only dare to ask.
Elders are better than talking to strangers,
They know the workings inside your family circle,
If you deny yourself the awareness they accumulated,
You forfeit the true knowledge and the peace you deserve and seek.
Talk to your Elders, they are...waiting for you.
I want to say this, we seen the path the world is taking, especially in the west, the Elders will tell you, there has to be balance in nature, night to the day, Sun to the Moon, Man to a Woman, so on...
No one has the right or the experience to teach the young other than family, at it's head is the Elders because they have the wisdom, if we forfeit that responsibility to the state, it's fall is...inevitable.
There is a place for all in the circle, but not all should be past on to the young, if this is done, confusion will reign and their future will be lost.
Go back to the family, do not ask for help to those who have never stepped a foot in your house, they will give you the advice that is not part of your circle but theirs, and this will will put you and yours on a road that is not your own.
The best counsel you can ever receive is from those who have lived with you, shared your life, cared, provided and protected you when you where small to this world, they will not tell you what to do, like those who do it for money, but will give a well thought out opinions based of their wisdom and life experiences.

May the Great Spirit, Creator of all Life, protect you and your family.

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