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Friday, September 25, 2015

What the west refused to do...Putin will...

Russian Army starts destroying Islamic State in Syria
The army of Bashar al-Assad has reportedly started crushing Islamic State militants that had previously seized the cities of Palmyra and Homs. Western experts and journalists believe that the Syrian troops receive substantial military assistance from Russian military men at the base in Latakia.

In addition, Russia has deployed modern weapons, including air defense, missile systems and aviation, having turned the area of ​​the Russian base into a strong fortress. To crown it all, Russia still ships weapons to the government of Bashar Assad under previously concluded contracts.

Russia’s TV channel “Zvezda” (“Star”) reports that the Syrian army forced ISIS militants to retreat from Palmyra, although they hide in residential areas and use ancient monuments as a cover.

“The militants, who had been keeping the city under control and destroying priceless ancient monuments for months, are being killed in the air raids of the Syrian Air Force. During the most recent attack, 40 terrorists were destroyed in the province of Homs,” Zvezda reporters say. It was also said that many militants of the Islamic State lay down their arms and surrender.

“On September 20, in the village of Kanaker (province of Damascus) more than 500 fighters of the Islamic State and so-called moderate opposition laid down their arms,” Syrian agency SANA reports, adding that there is a video of ISIS militants yelling to government troops. The militants were said to be mercenaries from Iran, Turkey and Sudan. They received weapons from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. There are also many US-made weapons and heavy equipment,  reporters say.

President Putin is doing what we all knew had to be done, air and land attacks on ISIS, if the west would have done this in the first place, many innocent lives would have been spared and we wouldn't have the exodus into Europe we have now...
So in other words, Putin is not only putting an end to ISIS, but protecting Europe at the same time.
Under those circumstances, Europe will be thankful to Russia...
This will also pretty well eliminate any existing sanctions against her, I have to admit, Putin is one hell of a politician, maybe we need someone like him here, instead of those who do things have ass.
In the 70's and 80's we had the same situation, but we understood the risk when it came to regime change, we had a saying, "he might be a dictator but he's our dictator. If we get rid of them, what would come would be worse."
What we have now as politicians is what came after, those who sided with the "let's all make love" hippie movement, "give peace a chance", Russia under the soviets did not experienced this...
That's the difference.
Well they gave "make peace not war" a chance, look at the mess they made.
We have to accept, the world will never work the way we want to, we have to accept, and give political evolution time to adapt at it's own pace...

Want to know why we should follow what Russia decided to do...well look here..
But be aware, its a really disturbing picture  or a murderer for ISIS...
Warning graphic picture.
 One day a beheader of women, the next day safely in Europe…but don’t worry I’m sure he’s a changed man right
After you see it, ask yourself;
"Do we really want to bring these people to North America and take a chance it won't happen here?"
I'm not taking sides in the Canadian election, but Harper makes a lot more sense on the issue of security than the others.

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