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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The “leap manifesto", Canada's path to trillion dollar debt?

Manifesto backed by prominent NDP supporters released ahead of election

Ontario took that path with it's green energy policy...
Ontario’s population is about one third of California’s, its debt load is more than double that of the biggest U.S. state.
It's hard to tell these days what the professional politician will do once in office, saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing another once in office is the rule of the day with them.
As Churchill once said, capitalism might be bad, but it's way better than the rest.
If Ontario is in such a disastrous debt load mainly because of its green policies, how long would it take Canada to increase it's debt to a trillion?

Changing a society is never an easy thing, the pain it causes it's population is well documented in history, we all know there is a need to advance our system away from oil, because eventually we will run out, the problem here, as this ridiculous manifesto suggest, they don't point out the eventual cost, and pain it will produce.
Research in better technology is a good thing, imposing it on the other hand, is a bad one. The green technology is just not there yet to take the place of  fossil fuel, every thing we look at around us, food, clothing, entertainment, work, transportation, and so many others depends on oil, unfortunately.

Case in point, try going across Canada in an electric car, or transport goods with electric trucks and trains? Even still, about the cost, try to buy an electric car, not many can afford $60,000, usually they cost more than that. What would be the cost of trucks, train, that would jack up the prices of good so high, we wouldn't be able to eat.
Not to mention electricity, which businesses and jobs depend on, just ask Ontario...Try to set up a manufacturing plant with it's high electricity rates.

There is a hell of a lot more to this green policy of theirs, but you get the point.

Wind farms? they don't even come close to producing what we need, we are not Denmark, with it's small land mass, this is Canada, second biggest country in the world.
It's all about cost, you think food and clothing costs to much, green energy is subsidized by your tax dollars, you don't see it's true cost yet, wait till that goes away.

I'm all for more research, especially, solar panels, the new ones, infra-red for instance would produce electricity even at night.

There is more to this leap manifesto, the problem I have with it is they do not take into account the pain it will give to the poor, the Elderly, the disabled, and the everyday working person who will have to pay for their "dream" of a Utopian society.

Can we trust an NDP government would not take us on the same path Ontario is at the moment, say one thing during an election and do another once in power? Putting us in debt our grand-kids will have to endure?

The only thing we can do is look, research, inform ourselves, and make the right decisions...
After all, we will get what we vote for.
When you do put down your vote, you can't just vote for yourself, you have to take into account, what it will do to others.

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