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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The hidden identity of the new democratic party...NDP.

Mulcair said Wednesday that he had no plans to fire his most senior communications aide Shawn Dearn, for tweeting offensive anti-Roman Catholic comments
  "He's made a mistake and he has apologized for it. For me, that's enough."

Now imagine for one minute if these comment where made against other groups...

"Memo to CBC and all media," one of them reads. "Stop calling the misogynist, homophobic, child-molesting Catholic church a 'moral authority.' It's not."
Dearn, who is married to a man, also took aim at Pope Benedict for saying Britain's human-rights policy on gay equality violated natural law. The tweet used an offensive expletive in connection with the Pope.
"Go f--- yourself," he tweeted.
Within hours of the Twitterverse taking new note of the posts, Dearn made his Twitter account private and therefore inaccessible to most users. 
In this report many others have made inappropriate comment, not just the ndp.
This attitude of "it's our way, we want you to think the same way we do", have been promoted in history, fascists, totalitarian regimes, and socialists are no different than the communists. 

Been Catholic, having 2 daughters whom I want them to be what they "chose" to be, it's ridiculous and stupid to say we are misogynists, I am repulse by child molestation, it's not the church that did the molestation, it was the individuals, that's not a priest, it's someone evil who make their way into the priesthood, as for homophobic, we have always said, nothing wrong with "people" taking care of themselves and their family in the privacy of their own homes, personally we do not agree with pride parades with those who walk around bare ass in front of kids, there has to be respect, not only for ones-self, but for the kids who are watching this parade.

As for the NDP leader accepting his apology, would he have done the same thing if it would have been another minority, not bloody likely, so we know what their (NDP) respect extend to, only those who bow to their idealism and that's what's dangerous about them. It's no secret, socialists hate religions and traditional families...even stay at home moms.
Can we trust someone who was a liberal, then wanted to be a conservative but because he was not offered the money he wanted went to the ndp?
Mulcair, (obviously) wants power, he pretends to be what the flavor on the month comes to him...
That's not someone who cares for people as he claims, but someone who cares only for himself.

Always be aware of the true identity of those you plan to vote for.

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