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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Quebec begins mandatory sex ed teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation, genitalia, and homosexuality

Quebec’s Ministry of Education is rolling out a new pilot program for mandatory sex education this year that teaches 5-year-old children about male and female genitalia, how conception happens, and “different types of families.”
The Ministry is refusing to allow parents to opt children out. *(this used to be frowned upon as dictatorial legislation imposed on people back during the cold war, now communistic policies are making their way into our society)
“For the moment, no exemptions are planned,” Ministry of Education spokesperson Pascal Ouellet told The Canadian Press.
An information pamphlet created by the Ministry for parents details what the Ministry considers “appropriate” material for children based on “age and level of development.” But what the government thinks is appropriate might have parents, especially those from a religious or ethnic background, fuming.
By the time the children have gone through elementary school (ages 6-11), they will have:
  • developed their capacity to “engage in respectful emotional relationships”;
  • learned the “various ways” of “[sexually] expressing oneself as a boy or a girl”;
  • learned to dismantle “gender stereotypes”; and
  • learned about the “impact of sexism and homophobia.”
By the time the children reach secondary school (ages 12-17), the ministry expects that they will have had their “first romantic relationships” and would have “explore[d] different aspects of sexual behaviour.”
By the end of this cycle, the children will have learned to:

  • manage the “problems that may arise in a romantic relationship”;
  • ensure that “sexual behaviour is safe and based on mutual consent”; and
  • use condoms, contraception, and develop the “skills they need to protect themselves from STBBIs and pregnancy.”

Coming to an Ontario school near you.
Home-school, charter or private school sounds just about right for the safety of your kids and family, because the immoral brigade is on the march and they want your children, Damn be what you think..

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