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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Parents begin pulling students for sex-ed strikes across Ontario, because self respect seems to be missing.

In the heart of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Don Valley West riding, Thorncliffe Park Public School became a highly publicized flashpoint of sex-ed protest when parents pulled half the students from classes on the first day of school, and vowed to keep the “strike” going for the month of September.
These parents’ rights and pro-family groups say that the Liberal government’s controversial sex-ed curriculum violates children’s innocence by introducing them to age-inappropriate explicit information, and by pushing a dangerous sexual agenda.
Pro-family analysis of the curriculum documents that it introduces children to homosexuality in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, oral and anal sex in Grade 7 and that it teaches there are six genders rather than two biological sexes.
We all have a live and let live attitude in North America, but to a certain point. The innocence of children must also be taken into account, it has become obvious with wynne, and benjamin levin sex ed curriculum, that what they really want is to promote an alternative to the society we inherited from our parents and grandparents, which by the way, had a hell of a lot less teen pregnancy than we have in today's "sex is a pass-time, a game and a way to leave home, have kids be on welfare" society.
There is a lack of self respect among some young girls today, and they wonder why things are so f*cked up, instead of looking at sex as an extension of 2 people in love, they pass it off as if it's a frigging xbox game to be given to anyone. They are blasted with so called role model who belong in a slut club and throw self respect out the window..

This all started and went the wrong way when the hags aka feminists, promote a sexual revolution, instead of fighting for women's true rights to be identified as equal partners for a stable society with an eye on the respect and the honor of young girls.
They didn't care about what the ramifications of their action back then and don't care about it now, this is just to advance their idea of a twisted, doomed to fail society who lost the perspective on self respect.
Then again, one looks at who the radicals of that movement really are and you can understand why they are so angry and want all men either dead or in a camp with only 10% of males in their utopia.
As for homosexuality or gay rights, most of us accept that everyone has a right to their own lives in the privacy of their own homes, as heterosexuals have always lived by.
You don't see us demanding a pride parade or promoting our sexuality for all to see, even kids.
The fall of any society always ends when self respect is thrown out as a bad thing, sure we would all like to do weird stuff, but we won't do that today because it affects those around us and especially the innocence of our kids.
When a radical group wants power, they always go for the kids and their education, because they know adults will question their motives and kids are more susceptible to their ideology...
We've seen it before...
Sex ed is best thought by parents and family, we know when it is time and it has worked for countless generations, and when the state mingles in the rights and freedoms of families, it's just the beginning of total control, and it puts us on a path to easy totalitarianism.
If the family is not recognized as the strength and stability of a nation, then all is lost and we will have to begin again eventually.
Maybe it's time to move aside and give someone else a crack at this world, because we don't seem to treat our kids the way they should be, with patience, love, protection and self respect.
Some lifeforms on Mother Earth treat their young better than we do lately.

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