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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Not Guilty: Man Accused of Hurling Beer, Racial Slurs at Native American Kids Acquitted

A man who was accused of pouring beer on a group of Native American kids and telling them to “go back to the reservation” in January has been acquitted of disorderly conduct, according to reports.

Trace O’Connell, 41, of Philip, South Dakota, was charged with violating Rapid City’s municipal disorderly conduct ordinance, the Rapid City Journal reported, but on Tuesday Magistrate Judge Eric Strawn found O’Connell not guilty.

Even if O’Connell had been found guilty he would not have faced any time behind bars. Strawn removed the possibility of jail in May.

On January 24, a group of 57 students, ages 9 to 13, from the American Horse K-8 school in Allen were sitting below a VIP suite during a Rapid City Rush Hockey Game at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center when an estimated 15 people in the suite, including O’Connell, began shouting racial slurs at the kids and proceeded to dump beer on them, witness and chaperone Justin Poor Bear said.

“The judge waited nearly five weeks to release this verdict. The judge set a precedent that the value and lives of our Lakota children are minimal in the eyes of the city of Rapid City and the state of South Dakota. The Governor, the Attorney General of South Dakota, the Mayor of Rapid City and the Rapid City Polic Chief do not value the life of the Lakota people. We here at NativeLivesMatter will continue to be positive but truthful for the lives of our kids and people. We will still seek justice.”

Less than two weeks after the racially charged incident with the American Horse students, a Native American woman who was at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center attending a rodeo was struck from behind after someone allegedly threw a beer at her.
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Now do you understand why we call for some degree of independence, financial, judicial, social, education and business?.
We can protect ourselves and especially our kids, better if we go it alone.
It's never gonna change unless we do.
TNC does not accuse all of them to be racist, but when even the system refuses to do what's right, what's the use...

Their system is so divided that they even bring us down with them.

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