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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Manginas and feminist professors Threaten Students With Bad Grades For Saying "Hateful" Words like male and females?

Remember when people went to college to learn how to be doctors and lawyers and engineers and teachers and nurses and they became productive, well-adjusted, contributing members of society? Good times...
According to this, professors at Washington State University are threatening students who say SUPER-HATEFUL with lowered grades. What are these SUPER-HATEFUL things, you may ask? Oh, you know, bigoted terms like "male" and "female" and "illegal alien." Things that just RADIATE intolerance, don'cha know?

Predictably, the professors doing this are all professors of things like Women and Gender Studies and Multicultural Studies. You know, the kinds of degrees that are just a super-expensive track to a career of saying "Do you want fries with that?" before crawling back to the university for a part-time professorship position wherein they can insulate themselves against the SCARY and INTOLERATE real world and, thus, continue to teach future generations of students that, based on their skin color or gender, they are either victims or oppressors. There is no middle ground.
Ummm... wasn't the Civil Rights Movement precisely about doing the OPPOSITE of this? That no race was higher than another? Content of character, rather than skin color?
Oh, I forget - the social justice whining brigade can't exist without something to whine about. No matter how much progress society makes regarding how we treat each other, there's always some nit-picky little thing for people to get upset about and claim are intolerant microaggressions. 
I mean, in the 60s and 70s, it was all about achieving a "colorblind" society, where race didn't matter. And, for all intents and purposes, we did that. But NOW, racist liberals are all - "NONONONONO - SEE ME! See my blackness and my victimhood and acknowledge your RAAAACIST white privilege and you'll never know what it's like to be me, so don't even TRY to be my friend! Defer to me, privileged peasants! DEFER!"
Read whole story here... 
Were working our way to imitate sweden with their replacement of him and her with "hen" in some of their kindergarten schools.. 
Not to mention been afraid of the way men sit...

Either way, the more this is going on, without anyone speaking out, the more ridiculous and idiotic all this sounds, but what pisses me off is the fear normal people have in speaking up against such stupidity.
If people think replacing him, her, male, female, with what they consider more Politically Correct words, will advance society, then maybe the elitist is right, people are dumber than a donkey's arse.

Anyway, there is a way to get rid of such low intellectualism.
There is an election in Canada, infested with socialists, or what they deem it to be, sometimes the best way to expose what they really represent is to let them have power, it's the only way to get rid of them.

We know they are targeting our children with their immoral behavior, sex ed in Quebec, where parents can't even opt out, basically teaching kids on how to "explore" their bodies at a very early age, among other things. Take note that at that early age, kids do not even think of these subjects. 
And coming in sept 2015, Ontario...

What they are really targeting is religion and parenting, their true enemies, if they are to control the population, they must re-educate kids away from what they are thought by parents, make then dependent, not on family, but the state.
That's what's really in play here....

I'm the first one to promote freedom of choice, democracy, but this does not exist, if people do not participate, if the state "imposes" it's will through immoral behavior, and the population refuses to speak up against it, even if it is against their beliefs, then this is no longer freedom, but a calculated control of all things by the elitist, professional politicians, aka; the state.
If you think that's democracy, I suggest you go back, get historical books on what it really means.
Those of us who understand where this is headed, cannot help you anymore.

Nowhere does it say, in any historical explanation of the democratic systems, that the majority should bow the a micro-minority.
The good of the whole is the primary concern, protection of minorities, not promoting it over others, families, parenting, hard work, helping others and defending at all cost...the values past down to us by our more reasonable Elders...
What we have now, promoted as democracy, is just not it... 
And the inevitability of such crap, is it's eventual fall.

Research national revolutions in history, look at the elitists immorality before such action was taken, the non ending wars to keep the population busy, the imposition of their will on the majority, their abuse of power and the greed that went with it...
You will definitely find a parallel with what's going on today.

Or just keep doing what your doing, trust "other" for your and your kids freedom, that should work out just fine, until "they" come knocking at your door of course, but till then, enjoy your XBOX and it unatural dedication to keeping you....inside.

The choices has always been yours to make, "They" are trying to convince you...
That you have none, other than what "they" give you.

We say...
"They" have nothing if "we" decide they have gone too far.
After all, there will always be more of us, than them.

Remember who is watching your every moves...

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