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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Man leads, by Ro Elori Cutno;the path to a loving and mutual repecting relationship.

From Ro √Člori Cutno
 I wrote this book (MAN LEADS, a metaphor of the harmony of couple dancing), based on 2 years of international research. I am a woman and former feminist, who prefers harmony & truth. Every text isn't about what women want. Specifically, if someone texts while we speak, it's not our nature to have the urge to leave the relationship, like with MASCULINE men. And yes, women have their own rules of treatment, but this chapter is about how to treat men, based on how men prioritize in a relationship. How about learning that respect is universal, but that respect = love to men. Women are quite different, emotionally. To women, respect is required, but adoration = love. We women need to be loved way more, through the heart. Happy relationship dancing!

African American family are not working exactly the way it should be, maybe too many have listen to the wrong people, those who have no man of their own, telling women how to behave in a relationship. The feminist is always angry, usually at men, and the beta male who follows her is afraid of his own shadow and couldn't protect even himself.
Women want a man who is capable of protecting her and her children, all the while giving some love and respect...
What Ro is saying in her book is, if you want sugar, don't throw mud.

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