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Monday, September 7, 2015

If you say; : "My you look fine" to your GF, that's put in statistics as sexual assault?

Rutgers Survey Counts Unwanted ‘Remarks about Physical Appearance’ as ‘Sexual Violence’
Yes, even if it’s your boyfriend.
The news that 20 percent of Rutgers University undergraduate women who took a campus survey reported having been sexually assaulted sounds terrifying – until you realize that the survey’s definition included “remarks about physical appearance” as “sexual violence.” Rutgers announced the results of the survey on Wednesday, and they were then reported by news outlets including the Washington Post as further evidence of the rape epidemic on our college campuses. But Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown dug a bit deeper and found that the survey defined “‘sexual assault” and “sexual violence” as a “range of behaviors that are unwanted by the recipient and include remarks about physical appearance.” In other words: A dude you’re not into’s coming up to you at a party and telling you he likes your sweater is sexual assault. The survey also clarifies that this “sexual assault” or “sexual violence” “could be initiated by someone known or unknown to the recipient, including someone they are in a relationship with.” In other words: Your boyfriend’s telling you that you look pretty when you’re mad at him and don’t want to hear it is also sexual assault.

In January, I wrote a satirical list of everyday behaviors that men use to oppress women. Under an item that I called “broplimenting,” I advised that “men should always ask, ‘Do you consent to me complimenting you?’ before saying anything nice or else it’s assault.” At the time, I actually wondered if equating unwanted compliments to assault would be too big of a stretch — even for satire. As it turns out, it wasn’t big enough of a stretch. Unwanted compliments literally are defined as “sexual assault” according to this survey, and asking for consent before offering them would actually be a great practice for any male student who might dare to attend Rutgers.

It’s also important to note that only 30 percent of the students took the survey, and that those who did take it did so on a voluntary basis. So, you know, students who had been victims of horrible things like compliments may have been more likely to fill out the questionnaire than the ones who had not had such traumatic experiences. Eighty percent of the students who participated were undergraduates, and 64 percent of them were women.

We said on many occasions, that feminist organizations claim that 1in 6, then 1 in 5, then 1 in 4, and some even go further as 1 in 2 women experiences sexual harassment is bogus because they will put ridiculous things in their statistics, like a compliment or as some that have now been accepted among the feminist cult...stare rape. That's when you happen to look towards a female who looks just fine.
Education is going down in the western world, compared to other nations, now you know why...

Here is couple more example of the dumber than a door nail policy that's coming out of the field.
Feminists Are Super Mad At Kermit The Frog
Leave it to feminists to make this total non-news into actual news worthy of being offended over. (Is it just me, or does Denise kind of resemble Kylie Jenner?)
Yes, feminists are mad because Kermit’s new beau is younger and thinner than Miss Piggy and that obviously perpetuates these unattainable beauty standards for pigs women in the 21st century.

Then there's this gem, paralell to Sweden's replacement of he and she, for "hen" making it's way to North America;

What does that all mean you may ask...
Well. Muppets are sexist,  you give a compliment to a woman, your sexist, you can no longer use he or she, if you do your sexist, if you look towards a female your sexist...
In other words, were f*cked.
Because the important things like corruption, hunger, poverty, financial breakdown, unending wars, are taking second place to the more important things, promoted by the dumb-ass feminist.
 And her mangina followers.

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