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Sunday, September 13, 2015

France: Topless Femen dragged off stage at Muslim conference

Topless Feminists Hijack Muslim Conference, Get Tackled and Kicked In the Ribs

Watch uncensored video here.

A video has surfaced showing topless radical feminists from the European-based group “Femen” storming the stage of a Muslim conference and shouting “I’m My Own Prophet!”
 These barbaric feminists are seen rushing the stage, throwing a large black tarp (probably a burqa) in the faces of one of the Muslim men (assault), then proceeding to shout with their hands in the air, bare-breasts exposed for all to see.
 Eventually, the feminists violently yank the stage’s microphone and start screaming into it, potentially breaking the expensive item and likely adding a charge of property damage to their night in jail.
 The only redeeming quality to this silly publicity stunt is that these angry European radical feminists were at least moderately good-looking, a far cry from the shockingly obese cave-trolls haunting the nightmares of American and Canadian men.
If you want to make a real point where people "might" listen, showing self respect is a must. Show disrespect, try to "impose" your will on others as feminiists and their manginas do, and your going to have a backlash.
Whatever one thinks of Muslims, one thing they do not accept, is feminists, or femen, not only showing disrespect for those in the room, by for not respecting themselves as women...
In other words, I doubt femen-feminists will try this again soon.
In my opinion, this is not about women's rights, but exhibitionism, there is plenty of place feminists can flash their hooters, just don't do it in an Islamic conference. If they want to be respected for their views, they must respect other minorities.
But...showing respect for others, let alone themselves, (as in slutwalks) is not a strong point of feminism, that's why they are loosing support.

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