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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Feminist values: encouraging women to destroy another woman's family

5 Reasons Single Moms Should Date Married Men

 Want passion, adoration, and yes, sex. Date a man with a ring on his finger. (Feminism true idealism! Damn be the married woman, we consider her to be a slave anyway)

Single mothers are far from ready to hang up their Agent Provocateurs and stilettos. They want passion, adoration, and yes, sex. 
So, where does a single mom turn? The married man. And here's 5 good reasons why:
(So, basically feminism is encouraging single moms to be...skanks???) 

Anyway, let's continue;
1. He won't make you feel like you're damaged goods.
2. He doesn't use traditional dating rules.
3. He's perfectly fine with simple, straightforward sex.
4. He doesn't require explanations from you.
5. He know there's no strings attached.
Dating a married guy might not be for every single mom. But it's a real no-pressure, convenient, and passionate option that can fit nicely into your life right now, and will make you feel desirable, beautiful and sexy.
First, what make this douche think men go for this if they love their family, contrary to the feminist cult, not all men are man-whores.

Second, why do they think single moms would even embrace such a behavior, emotionally harming other women??? Is that the extent of respect they have for single moms?

Want to see what women really think of all this, just read the comment below the link.

This shows what we have been saying all along, feminism hate the traditional family, if it's not promoting lesbianism as a better way for women to separate themselves from family life, it's encouraging them to stay away from SELF-respecting values and calling them whores?.
(again, see comments)

Here is a few written by women, some single moms;
Yeah single moms go out and be a whore. 
Single mom does not equal desperate - We actually do have values
This is basically saying get a man to cheat on his wife?? i wish i could report this article 
Absolutely brainwashing women for free sex and immorality.
This shows womens values are better than the feminists.

If feminism want to alienate themselves from women, then this disgusting suggestion is definitely one of them, when it comes to protection of her family, women frown upon another going after their men.
But then, no one ever accused feminists of been smart.

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