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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Erin Pizzey and the violence domestic myth

Erin Pizzey explains to a journalist about the violence domestic myth.

Everything she says is true and especially that domestic violence is a million dollar industry.
Feminism has hijacked not only the shelter programs but also have their mitts on all social programs...
Our investigation in lanark county Ontario's shelter program showed that more than half of women who go there do not do it for DV issues but for instant custody against fathers, to be put on the top on the list for welfare and especially housing, revenge, so on..
And in most cases, women go back to the person they accused in the first place.

In these shelters, residents have to follow strict rules which are based on man-hate and if they don't subscribe to feminist propaganda, then they are ignored and threatened to be kicked out.
They are forced to sit in a room where staff members blast them with all men bad dictations.
(according to a witnesses we investigated)

We even have a written deposition when a young lady, who was not getting along with her mother, went to welfare office, and when the mother refused to sign for her underage daughter to be put on the system was told to simply claim abuse, that way they could by-pass the mothers wishes.
This is true because they did it with my daughter. Welfare, housing, with the help of the shelter in Carleton Place Ontario.

None of us are saying we want the elimination of women's shelters, just the reorganisation of these places, get rid of man-haters controlling these programs, investigate, through the justice system to see if accusations coming from these places are true or not, this would in no way, as the radical man-hating feminists who control these programs claim, put anyone in danger since police would be involved. It would free up the money they are given to truly help those who need help and offer real results on DV, instead of been used for hate mongering.
If these radicals don't like men or had bad experiences, they should not impose their twisted hate on all, but have an open mind to follow the mandate they are given by the people.

When ever we give taxpayers money to organizations such as this, with an agenda against a specific group, in this case "men", without attaching regulations, you invite corruption, and that is what's going on throughout most of them.

The "all men bad" rhetoric, these man-haters  push on other women helps no one, actually the real reason they do it is to increase their numbers, get false statistics, claim increases in DV abuse and demand more and more money.

Many men also go through DV, interesting they "NEVER" mention it, if they really cared, even notice that it's children who really suffer, they would acknowledge it, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. This openly shows what they really care about is their personal hate of men, and their actions point to it in all direction.

TNC has put many instance pointing to false claims by these organizations, even contradicting police reports. Putting all reports into one, even false accusations, as we said increases the number of people who go through their doors, and this way can claim they don't have enough funds.
These types of policies points to corruption, and eventually promotes false information, all for power and money.

And let's be realistic, who suffers in all this, first, the kids, but also the fathers who are prevented to see their kids by the corrupt family courts because some mother decided she will use them for...revenge, all with the help of the women's shelter staff and social programs.
This increases family division and weakens a society and a nation.

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