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Monday, September 14, 2015

Clinton believes she is going to get elected by attacking men and supporting false accusations.

It's no secret feminists have become a joke, a hate club, and a cult of stupidity and ol'hags.
Case in point, with all the false reports on college campus rapes lately, (lena dunham, rolling stones magazine, etc.)here comes the queen of all ol'hags trying to push a non existant issue.
On her latest escapade at a womyn for hillary event, I.E. womyn study student, aka, man hating club, she wants to end something that doesn't exist, expects to get elected by pandering to radical feminists and their lowly mangina followers, which by the way would make up about 5% of people who would vote, taking into consideration students, young people do not vote. By this action, she alienated men and women.
We predict she will not be elected and possibly bow out before the nomination and it will finally put an end to the clinton elitist perception that she deserves to be president not because she is experienced, but because she's a woman.

Clinton Pushes Crackdown on 'Epidemic' of Campus Sexual Assault

Here are some fine looking campus students who will not vote for her because they think she's out of touch.
With all the false accusations as of late one would figure someone, or her husband would have told her to shut up....
Rape is not an epidemic since most men, think of it as an abominable act and those who do it, (men and women,) are nothing more than the left overs of the human race.
Rapists are not even safe in prison.

Here's a little reality that will come back to haunt her campaign thanks to her husband, will'billy.
Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team is worried the real war on women will torpedo her chances.
Her “lies over sexual scandals of which she must have been aware should disqualify her from the Oval Office.”
Paula Jones.

Hillary stage-managed and orchestrated the ‘bimbo eruptions,’ ruthlessly destroying the credibility of the women who came forward and neatly turning herself into First Victim in the process.
Linda Tripp.

It is no longer a matter of “if” the “bimbo eruptions” will return to haunt Hillary.
Lucianne Goldberg

According to Goldberg, the “bimbo eruptions” are just one of many scandals that have left her convinced that Hillary will have to bow out before nominations.

She said: “I don’t think she’s going to make it to the nomination. I never thought she would. It’s cumulative. It’s everything piling on her.”

And, she added: “I think there are people who need to be reminded of this because it’s a whole generation since it happened… [but] you just can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube once it’s out there.”

And they wonder why democracy is dying and no one wants to vote.

TNC does not accuse all women to be false accusers or supporters of man hating ol'hags.

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