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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Can feminism and their manginas get any lower than this??? Small poo and yellow cargo shorts.

I dread the day my daughter's poos get smaller 
Of course coming from the guardian, no wonder they write about sh*t..No pun intended.
I always said, let them talk, open their idiotic yaps and spew their crap, that way we will know what they are all about...
Then ask...
Is this what's important to you?

Then of course the beta male also known as...THE MANGINA...who has a problem with men wearing... Yes... cargo pants... and wants the rest of us to wear...mangina shorts...some of them...bright yellow. (No f*cking thank you, you poor excuse of a man you).


Allison said...

I like my man to look like they could take on a bear in the woods and not one that would get stuck a tree in his tiny yellow shorts. lol

karen said...

If a man ever came to me with a pink shirt and yellow shorts,i would throw tampons at him.

Nizhoni said...

couldnt have said it better myself girls,lol,especially the tampon part.