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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another lonely cat loving feminist claims all boys are potential rapist...

Actually, this is what happens when one only has a cat to go home to and no man wants her...

That said...
The very idea these ol'spinsters spew out such stupid and ridiculous venom as : "Every American boy is at risk of growing up to become a rapist", shows how out of touch with reality they really are.
If one is a realist, one knows most boys are raised by their mom's while dad is at work, as much as the left progressive mafia wants to destroy that fact, it's still a reality in the majority of families, so people like kate harding and her man-hating club of feminists seems to forget that, and are attacking women in general. Not to mention that the majority of men find rape to be appalling.
But this truth doesn't mean anything to these low lives, since their anger at men can be pointed to the "fact" that they are jealous because they never experienced and enjoyed the true love of a man or probably have daddy issues.

Harding's ridiculous attention seeking story, in the infamous rolling stone magazine by the way, which as we know will publish even false allegations of rape as truth, parallels the local claim by our ol'spinster, director of the local women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, that "all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment and that on special occasion like Christmas and playoff, Superbowl time, men go around buying beer and beating up women".
(This site has exposed her thoughts on men on many occasions)

Such anti-male, anti "mother and woman" statement have no place in a modern world or in the past for that matter, men in general do not want their daughters to be in the kitchen, washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant, or to be raped by anyone.
Having daughters myself, I would not recommend anyone even thinking about it and anyone that knows me, understand what my reaction would be, as would any father, brother, husband.
But this reality, seems to escape the publicity seeking ol'cat lovers.

We have seem this statement that "boys are born potential rapists" by feminists before, it's not new, this is on the other hand a statement of hatred, if it wasn't they wouldn't try to put a few bad apples inside the whole bushel, so to speak.
There are bad people, males and females, we see recently how many female teachers have been arrested for abusing male children, having sex with them so on...
Domestic violence is done by an equal number of both sexes, yet according to these people, only men are responsible, when we see this philosophy, we can safely say that it is based on a hatred of men.
Their hatred accomplishes absolutely nothing, because they refuse to look at it as a problem caused by bad people, not one specific group.

We can see that hatred, or jealousy, by what harding say's in the rolling stone report, as if we can take it seriously coming from them.
America Has a Rape Problem
America continues to have a major rape problem
American boys are all growing up in the same rape culture.
They're growing up with this incredible sense of entitlement to women's bodies.
Boys are taught that sex is their right – it's on demand, basically – and that girls will resist, and their job is to overcome that resistance. Instead of teaching them about respecting girls as fellow human beings, they're taught that girls are sexual organs.
A culture that devalues girls and women gives social cover to people who want to rape

And of course, they had to throw in....
Donald Trump is "the embodiment of entitlement."
(surprise, surprise)

Where the hell does this "thing" come from, in what world does she live in, she is basically claiming that "mothers" raise their boys to be "rapists"???
What the f*ck does she think the majority of men do, sit back and laugh about it???
Here is a dose of reality, rapists can't even feel safe in a jail...

Let's keep going with this b*llshit article ...
It's a culture where we blame victims,
we disbelieve victims,
we act like rape is both uncommon and trivial.
It toggles between, "There's no way one in five women are actually raped,"
and, "If that's true, it's no big deal."

The first thing that comes to mind when we read this is, again...In what f*cking world does people like her live in?? But we all know this is an attention seeker, she can be assured, mags like rolling stone will publish such "crap".

It's a culture where we always identify with the person who's accused of rape instead of identifying with the victim. When someone reports a rape, we immediately start investigating that person – the presumption is that the person is probably lying – before we even think to investigate the person being accused.

First thing is, disbelieving victims might be true in some cases, since people like her have made rape such a financial tool for personal gains that we are flooded by false allegations and the police have to go on the assumption that it might be another revenge minded false accusation.
But i doubt very much, the way things are set up today that the justice system first blame the victims, or disbelieve them, they are not there to promote such things, but are there to make sure, such accusations are ...REAL.
And for that, because of statement made above by radical feminists, they have to protect, not only the presumed victim, but also the accused.
According to feminists such as harding, and most women's shelters, if a woman makes an accusation, it must be taken as truth even if it's not...Damn be the rights of others, this way they can manipulate statistics, then again, put false accusations alongside real one and they can claim increases in this crime and gain financially...
To hell with real victims???

We seen many claim on how many women experience rape, (according to them, a stare towards a fine looking woman makes it in their statistics as stare rape), 1 in 3, 1 in 4, 1 in 5, point is, if we take their idea of rape, we could probably go towards 1 in 2 or even one in one...God forbid you happen to look at a yoga pants wearing female, then that's it, your a stare rapist.

We come back to what I said before, if we live as realists, we know men have a dangerous reaction to rape of any kind, we find it not only disgusting and abhorrent, but an act that sends us into a realm of anger and hate of the act, we see women as our wives, sisters, mothers, and especially daughters, and anyone who deviates from this truth and instinctive character is a fool.
Not only that, they (feminists, ol'spinsters and man-haters), put victims in danger by promoting false accusations... and according to them, we should find anyone accused of such a crime guilty first.

The world of women is best served when we let men be men, their security is not entrenched by following feminism or jealous cat loving ol'spinsters who have no man of their own, the safety of the person (males and females, elders or children), is the realm of real men. Not the pink shirt wearing mangina who will call 911 on his cell phone while one is been assaulted.

We, men, do not allow rape, or assaults of any kind, we are still the majority and this site, TNC, does not accuse all women to be potential false accusers, as feminists accuses all men of been potential rapists.

If we look at the world right now, more and more, men, real men, are in great demand, it's not going the way we expected, it's dangerous out there and getting worse.

In closing...
I usually say; "I can only speak for myself", but in this case, I won't.
If we see an assault, we can't just sit there, and call 911, it wouldn't even cross our minds, we wouldn't care what would happen if we ever see a rapist, male or female, our instinctive character would be to get involve, as would any man, that is what make women safe, not feminism.

That doesn't make us a white knight, it just makes us men who have daughters and if we don't do anything, we would disrespect them.
This whether we like it or not is imprinted in us.
Since the feminist and her mangina promotes false accusations, and say it's no big deal, and do not attack it for what it is, a dangerous precedent, every time I hear or read about such things, I ask myself if it's true or just another false accusation, and that's dangerous, because some would say...
"why get involve anymore".
All thanks to the feminist and her pink shirt wearing mangina.

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